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A rotating propellor prompt for use in BATch files.

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/ WORKING! Displays a rotating slash
along with a custom message. FREE*BUT*WARE
Customized versions available to include
ANSI animation, color and more. This can
be used as a fancy pause prompt or any-
thing else. No cost.

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A rotating propellor prompt for use in BATch files.
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Welcome to a nifty utility. This is a fancy way to control pause prompts (in
batch files) or anything else. You can use it to display your own messages or
anything else.

This program will display the popular slash sequence used in programs to show
working or waiting. You call it by:

WORKING! [your message]

[your message] can be any text up to any length that will display in caps after
the rotating slash. If you just type WORKING!, it'll just show the slash.

This will be the only free*but* ware version.

If you feel this program is useful to you, a donation would be appreciated.
Registration is *not* required, but any comments or money will be gratefully
accepted. That is what FREE*BUT* WARE is.

FREE*BUT* WARE New De facto Standard:
This program is free but:
you are not allowed to modify it
you may distribute it w/o modification
I'm not responsible if anything goes wrong. (the circular sequence causes
your screen to get headaches)
No warranties expressed or implied. Provided `AS IS'
donations will be accepted
comments will be accepted
I retain all rights, including Copyrights (541,951,143) to this program
Alternate or custom versions are available for a small cost
The source code is offered for a charge

Consult RKSLICEN.COM for additional licensing / distribution policies.

* This is better than to say it is neither freeware or shareware like most
people do. I've seen people who say their program is freeware but donations
are accepted, so tell them to call it `FREE*BUT* WARE'. Also use this concept
eliminate the need for stupid registration keys or numbers. People have
goofed. They've called it Shareware when they don't really share it. (maybe
they should call it Greedware ?)

Reiteration: I disclaim all warranties relating to this little program. Caveat

The cost for customization is $5. To order this service, send a 3.5 diskette
in a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a description of what you want.
It must be within the bounds of this program.

Some ideas you can order: a large rotation
two rotating slashes
an ansi animation (for example: something that
would repeat and repeat)
a moving truck left to right cycle
colorful options
a default text display instead of command-line
* anything you wish

Source code: $10 (Not available in pascal or C)

Please make checks/money orders payable to: Richard Kwok
P.O. Money orders preferred. No credit cards/cash. Bad checks subjected to an
additional $10 service fee.

If you are sending something, include your name and phone number so I can get
back to you if needed.

Comments are always welcome.

Send comments / dough to:
R. Kwok
ATTN: Computer programs Important!
148 West Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA. 92805

TIMEVaULT - upcoming Time door with gambling and fun
NUMBDOOR - guess a number with SMALLER or HIGHER prompts (NDOOR??.ZIP)
GSS#DOOR - upcoming Number Door where user guesses number using hints
LOGCAT - coming soon for WC! only
SOUNDOUT - coming soon
UPDISP - displays a status to callers during u/ls

and of course the non-BBS related programs:

GRAPHIT! - graphing sin, cos, tan, etc. functions
GRPHCALC - might go commercial
DEG2RAD - converts Degree measure to radians
CALCULAT! - pop up calculator not TSR
SCREENSV - enchanting VGA Windows or DOS screen saver
COMPFILE - which freshens ZIP files to 2.04 w/ extra compression option.
RMDIRX - which is a QUIET directory removal utility
CHDIRX - QUIET change dir utility

Who knows?

7/6/93 RK Systems <> great stuff @low cost

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