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A utility designed to allow users to write DOS Batch files with mouse support. Includes an example batch file and ANSI screen to show how simple it is to use.
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A utility designed to allow users to write DOS Batch files with mouse support. Includes an example batch file and ANSI screen to show how simple it is to use.
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Contents of the BATMOUSE.DOC file

BATMOUSE Version 1.0 Copyright (c) 1992 by Stephen T. Batson Jr.


BATMOUSE is a utility designed to allow users to write DOS Batch
files with mouse support. I came up with this idea one day while
I was writing my own mouse library functions in C. I thought, why
not? I use batch files for alot of various purposes simply
because they get the job done and require much less time to
write than other languages. Batch files used with small enhancement
programs like BATMOUSE can make batch files extremely powerful.
I have not seen any programs which allow a mouse to be used from Batch
files, but I won't claim to be the first since some programmer
out there has probably had the same idea. In anycase, I hope you
enjoy BATMOUSE, it is simple to use and I have included an
example batch file and ansi screen to show how simple it is to
use. I have tested BATMOUSE with MicroSoft and Logitech Mouse Drivers
with no problems. BATMOUSE should work with most mice. Enjoy!


By using this program you agree to all the terms of this
disclaimer. The user of this program uses it at their own risk.
There are no warranties of any kind written nor implied. The Author
and distributors of this program will not be responsible for any
loss or damages of any kind as a result of using this program.
No warranties as to suitability of this program to a specific
purpose are made.


BATMOUSE is not public domain or freeware. You may try BATMOUSE
for up to 30 days at no cost. After that period you are required
register the program or discontinue its use. I do not believe in
"Nagware" where a program begs for money everytime you load it
nor have I limited the features of this program. As of this
writing, This is a fully functional program. I may make
enhancements to it at anytime though and do not guarantee that I
will upload all future versions to any system to replace this
one (unless I find bugs of course). I won't go on preaching
about shareware, you have probably read enough on the topic from
other downloads. All I will say is this. If you register, I will
send you the most current copy of this program along with other
handy batch file and dos utilities that I have developed. Fair
enough? Good. Please share this package in its entirety with
your friends and co-workers. BBS operators may post it on their
systems. This program may not be distributed with any other
product be it hardware or software without express written
permission from Batson Enterprises. Shareware distributors must
contact Batson Enterprises for permission and instructions on
how to distribute this program.

Included files

You should have the following files:


If you don't have all these files, you may contact me at the
address found in the registration section. Send a Self Addressed
Stamped Disk Mailer and a blank formatted disk

(360k or 1.2meg 5 1/4"or 720k or 1.44k 3 1/2" )and I will send
you the full set of files.

Program Usage

Simple! When you run BATMOUSE from DOS prompt, you will be given
a mouse cursor on the screen. When you click the left button on
the mouse, 2 files will be written to the current drive and
directory. These files are MCOORDX.nnn and MCOORDY.nnn.

Where nnn = the X or Y coordinate for the DOS Text Screen

MCOORDX.nnn = the X coordinate, nnn is a number from 1-80.
MCOORDY.nnn = the Y coordinate ,nnn is a number from 1-25.

A position of X=10 and Y=20 would place the cursor on the 20th
row starting at the 10th column. In this case, you would get
back the following:


Your batch file can check for these files with the EXIST
statement and execute the appropriate

portion of the batch file. I wont attempt to teach you batch
files here, so see your DOS manual and the DEMO.BAT file
included however, an example might look like this:

if exist mcoordx.10 goto exit
goto loop
if exist mccordy.20 goto end
goto loop

This little example would loop until the mouse was CLICKED on
the X=10 and Y=20 screen location. For those somewhat familiar
with DOS and Mouse cursor coordinates, the Mouse location in the
80 column mode is equal to 8 for every character position you
increase on the X or Y coordinates. For example, X=1 is really 0
to the mouse, X=2 is 8 to the mouse, X=3 is 16 to the mouse and
so on. You need not worry about this, since the mouse cursor
screen location translated for you to DOS screen coordinates.

Also, This program is designed to work in the 80 column mode in
DOS. You may be able to get some functionality in other modes,
but no technical support at this time will be provided in other
modes. The DEMO.BAT file is provided as an example, you may have
a better way to write your batch file. Have fun, experiment. The
program will clean up the MCOORDY.nnn and MCOORDX.nnn files each
time it is run, it deletes any of these files before it sets up
the mouse so you will only see the 2 files at 0 bytes on your
disk at anyone time.





CITY:______________________________ STATE:__________ZIP__________

TELEPHONE: ________________________________________

Please register me for the ______copie(s) of BATMOUSE and send
me the most recent version along with your DOS and Batch File
Enhancement utilities. I am including a check or money order for
$10.00 Plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling for each copy.

Allow time for checks to clear, orders including money orders
will be shipped within 2 to 5 working days.

Send To: Batson Enterprises
4521 Fenwick Way
North Highlands, CA 95660

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