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Interactive utility for fancy batch files.

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INPUT v2.2-Adv. ASK.COM replacement [ASP]
Allows you to ask questions and receive
input in .BATs. Full color, many options
for returning input. Returns errorlevel,
sets an environment variable, or execute a
program directly. The ultimate interactive
utility for DOS batch files.

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Category Batch Files
Interactive utility for fancy batch files.
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INPUT.DOC 20998 5790 deflated
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Contents of the ASP-HUB.DOC file

ASP-HUB.DOC REV 1.0 01/14/93 (by Richard Holler)

In an effort to make it easier for you to obtain your favorite software,
the latest updates of many ASP authored programs can be found on the BBSs
listed below. These BBSs are members of the ASP Hub Network (AHN).

Zone 1 - East Coast USA

North-East Coast Mid-East Coast

[Site #1] [Site #2]
The Consultant BBS The Break RBBS
Jay Caplan Bruce Jackson
P.O. Box 8571 4660 Whitaker PL
New York NY 10116-4655 Dale City, VA 22193-3011
Data1) 718-837-3236 Data1) 703-680-9269
Data2) Data2) 703-551-0000

Zone 2 - North Mid-USA Zone 3 - Southern Mid-USA

[Site #3] [Site #4]
The Twilight Zone The DataExchange BBS
John Hrusovszky Don Morris
1119 E. Main St 119 Herring St.
Auburndale, WI 54412 Leesville, LA 71446
Data1) 715-652-2758 Data1) 318-239-2122
Data2) Data2)

Zone 4 - West Coast USA

[Site #5] [Site #6]
Attention to Details BBS Space BBS
Clint Bradford Owen Hawkins
5085 Trail Canyon Dr PO Box X
Mira Loma CA 91752 Menlo Park, CA 94026
Data1) 909-681-6221 Data1) 415-323-4398 (ASP Files)
Data2) Data2) 415-323-4193 (Other Files)

Zone 5 - Canada

[Site #7]
Knightec BBS
Phil Knight
35 Robb Blvd #6
Orangeville, ONT L9W 3L1
Data1) 519-940-0007

These BBSs are bound by special agreement with the ASP.
In the case of a dispute contact the ASP Omsbudsman.

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