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Tiny batch utilities to test Alt Shift Ctl keys state.
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Tiny batch utilities to test Alt Shift Ctl keys state.
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Contents of the READ.ME! file

Tiny utilities by Max Nam. v1.0 December, 1992

I have them created when I needed to control my PC's boot. You can
easily tell their purpose by their names.

Files Errorlevel==0 Errorlevel==1 Alt is released Alt is pressed Ctrl is released Ctrl is pressed Left Shift is released Left Shift is pressed Right Shift is released Right Shift is pressed Any Shift is released Any Shift is pressed Ctrl+Alt is not pressed Ctrl+Alt pressed All of the above releasedAny of the above pressed

They're really tiny, this text takes more place than they all tohether.
I didn't think anybody would be interested in their source code, so
I did not include it. However, I did include test.bat which is testing
these utilities, one note : don't expect it to react too quickly, after
all it's a batch file.

There is absolutely no copyright or something, so copy, disassemble 😉
do whatever you want. I can assure you that it won't crash you
operating system neither it will your car, home and airplane above it.

That is probably it. Max Nam.


I have also written many other intersting things, if you want to
contact me or you are interested in Turbo MIX -- implementation of MIX
machine(by Donald E. Knuth in his work "The Art of Computer Programming"). This is fully working beta release and so far it's
shareware. Call me at :

(301)990-1528from (3pm to 1am(Eastern Time))

or write :

18345 Lost Knife Circle, #102
Gaithersburg, MD, 20879
ATTN: Max Nam

Hope to hear from you soo.

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