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Day of Month Utility - a program for use in batch files to select activities by day of the month.

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DOM v 1.0 - Day of the Month Utility. A very
small, very free utility which allows the
user to define batch file routines which will
execute a specified command line on a
specified (numeric) day of the month.
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Day of Month Utility – a program for use in batch files to select activities by day of the month.
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Day of the Month; a program to determine the day of the month and
to execute a command line based upon the results of comparison with
the user supplied target date.

Shane G. Anderson Dec. '92

SYNTAX: DOM [target date] [command line]

WHERE: [target date] is a number between 1 and 31; and
[command line] is a command line to execute if a match
is found.

Example: DOM 31 "dir a:\*.*"

Note: Quotation marks are required for the command line if there are
multiple command line arguements. In the above example, if the
day of the month matches the current day of the month, ie: it
is the 31st day of the month, the command line will be executed.

FREEWARE! Absolutely No Rights Reserved...


Absolutely no warranties are given or implied.

Well, the above just about covers it. This one literally took me five
minutes. I use it to execute certain routines from batch files based upon
the day of the month. The only caveat is that using the 29th, 30th or 31st
as target dates means that the command line to be executed will NOT be
executed every month...

Anyway, hope this helps.

Shane G. Anderson
FidoNet 1:102/819
Internet: [email protected]

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