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BatBox v1.1 batch file text display utilities.
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BatBox v1.1 batch file text display utilities.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOXECHO.COM 16676 9028 deflated
BOXYESNO.COM 16774 9099 deflated
BOXES.DOC 3328 1420 deflated
ECHODEMO.BAT 768 400 deflated
ECHO.TXT 730 393 deflated
YESNO.BAT 1091 544 deflated
YESNO.TXT 528 306 deflated
BOXECHOB.COM 16580 8926 deflated
BOXYESNB.COM 16662 9006 deflated

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Contents of the BOXES.DOC file


by Mel Raff 7/9/91

These are a pair of simple utilities I wrote to make batch files work in a
more presentable fashion.

BOXECHO simply displays the content of a text file on the screen in a colored
box. The only required parameter is the name of the text file (including its
directory path, if not in the default directory). You can also specify the
background and foreground colors (default is white on blue), the location of
the top row and left column, and whether or not to pause for a keystroke
before exiting (or returning to the calling batch file).

For instructions, enter BOXECHO with no parameters at all. A batch file
demonstrating the operation of BOXECHO, ECHODEMO.BAT, is included, along
with the text file it displays, ECHO.TXT.

BOXYESNO displays the content of a text file and then waits for the user to
press Y or N. If the user presses Y, BOXYESNO returns, setting the DOS
errorlevel to 0. If the user presses N, BOXYESNO returns with errorlevel set
to 1. If any key other than Y, y, N, or n is pressed, BOXYESNO beeps and
continues to wait. By properly structuring the batch file which calls
BOXYESNO, you can make a batch file branch according to the user response.

Full instructions appear when BOXYESNO is entered with no parameters. A batch
file demonstrating the operation of BOXYESNO, YESNO.BAT, is included, along
with the text file it displays, YESNO.TXT.

These programs were written in Turbo C with assembly language routines to
speed screen output. To afford complete compatibility, I have included
versions of the programs which use the BIOS rather than writing directly
to video memory. If BOXECHO and BOXYESNO do not perform properly on your
system, try these versions instead. To do so, delete or rename BOXECHO.COM
to BOXYESNO.COM. Screen output will be more noticeably line-by-line, but
it should still look good, and the programs should work properly.

BATBOX11.ZIP Contents (9 files):

BOXYESNO.COM These are the programs.

BOXYESNB.COM These are BIOS-compatible versions of the programs.

ECHO.TXT Demo text file for ECHODEMO.BAT

YESNO.TXT Demo text file for YESNO.BAT

BOXES.DOC This file.

These utilities are hereby released forever into the public domain: they are
freeware. You are encouraged to distribute these files AS A PACKAGE as widely
as you wish. You are nevertheless welcome to donate a dollar or two if you
find them useful and feel so inclined. Such donations would improve the
quality of my state of mind, if not my material welfare, and, more to the
point, they would let me know that the programs are appreciated. As a result,
I might work to improve them, or even create some more. But comments and
suggestions are welcome in any case.

Mel Raff
7319 Willow Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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