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Simple Batch file menu system.
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Simple Batch file menu system.
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Executable Only Menu version 1.00

<<< Folks this is Shareware, if you use it you are required to buy it.
Send the fee to the address at the bottom of this document.. (Just ten
dollars! >>>

I wrote this program originally for the local Public Library (I work
for them in a a different capacity) when they bought their first IBM..
The staff didn't know DOS and was afraid of it.. So I just tossed this
baby in the autoexec.bat file. It serves a 2 fold purpose, 1 of which
developed accidentally.
1] Negates the need to know DOS commands to run the machine.
This is accomplished with as little overhead as possible, and
the whole process runs 'self-enclosed' All you need to know
about DOS is one person needs to understand path names. That's
it. Everybody else can just type in the number of their
application to run it.

2] There is some security provided by Emenu. But it was not
designed this way and has many ways to circumvent it, several
jump to mind. But it does prevent you from dropping to DOS in
the menu phase. Additionaly if there are programs you don't
want run without authorization they can be password protected.

To get Emenu up and running just do the following.
1 -> md \emenu
2 -> copy emenu.* \emenu
then use your favorite text editor / word proccessor (EDLIN) to add
this line to your \autoexec.bat file.
-> \emenu\emenu.exe

Then reboot.... to configure just goto the Add/Remove Application
function.. you will need the password to do this.

Passwords are needed for 3 things in Emenu. 1> +/- an Application.
2> Drop to DOS
3> Run a protected Application.
The password for all these in the unregisterd version is '@TASK'. I
repeat the password as it stands now is '@TASK' (Without the quotes of

So the question is, 'Why send this guy $10?' Well I'd like to think
you do it because you believe in the shareware concept and supporting
try-before-you-buy software. But if that isn't enough consider this. The
password is @TASK, right? Well it is @TASK on every copy of EMENU100
that has been distributed. So if this program gets around there goes any
security it could afford you in a public setting (for which it was
Henceforth, (I just love that word) if you register this program, (it
is your duty, BTW) just send along a choice for a new password. I will
send back a new copy of emenu with your password on it, and the newest
copy of emenu developed. You will, of course, also receive updates of
this program in the future.

So to register send your $10 to Pat McManus
78 Oswego Street
Baldwinsville NY 13027-2485

Any questions, comments, criticisms, bugs, compliments, lunch orders,
sarcastic remarks, or political commentaries can be directed to me at
the above address or (preferably)
Internet: [email protected]
FidoNet : Pat McManus 1:260/325
Thank you much everyone, and for God's sake go try it out.

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