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Alternative to ECHO for use in batch files.
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Alternative to ECHO for use in batch files.
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TYPO Version 1.0

TYPO is a non-resident batch file enhancer that allows more
flexibility than offered by ECHO to display text on the


To use TYPO, include the command TYPO in your batch file.
You may include any of the following options with this

0 Clears the screen before displaying any

N With 'N' indicating the number of blank
lines to be inserted before the next
line of text.

TEXT With TEXT being a set of letters
displayed as centered text on the

'TEXT' With your text enclosed in single quote
to suppress text-centering.


The following batch file is included as an example of how
to use TYPO:

echo off
typo 0
typo 4
typo This is a demonstration
typo of TYPO
typo The newest thing in Batch files
typo 5
typo 'By enclosing the string in single quotes'
typo 2
typo 'You can suppress the automatic'
typo 2
typo 'text-centering feature.'

This sample batch file produces the following display:

This is a demonstration
The newest thing in Batch files

By enclosing the string in single quotes

You can suppress the automatic

text-centering feature.

TYPO is a copyright of Sapphire Software (c) 1987.
Sapphire Software - every program's a gem.

Other Sapphire Software programs are available to
customize and personalize your computer. These programs
are available via ShareWare, or direct from Sapphire
Software. If you like this program and find it useful,
give a copy to a friend. Then show your support for low-
cost quality software by sending a check for $5.00 made
out to:

Sapphire Software
4141 Ball Road
Suite 166
Cypress, CA 90630-3465


Please note that changes or alterations to this program of
any kind are not authorized by Sapphire Software. The
software must be distributed as is. Sapphire Software
makes no warranty about this program as regards its
suitability for any purpose, or its ability to perform
under conditions not set down in the program
documentation. By using this program, the user agrees
that Sapphire Software shall not be liable for any damages
in connection with or arising from use of this program.

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