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Extended Batch Language V4.03. Written by one of the ORIGINAL members of the IBM ESD team in Mouth of the Rat Florida.
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Extended Batch Language V4.03. Written by one of the ORIGINAL members of the IBM ESD team in Mouth of the Rat Florida.
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Contents of the ANNOUNCE.TXT file


For more information:
Ms. Michele Bustamante
(407) 738-1712

SEAWARE Corp. Announces new EBL-PLUS

Seaware Corp. is pleased to announce the introduction of Extended Batch
Language-PLUS.This represents a major evolutionary enhancement from EBL
Version 3. EBL-PLUS is a powerful product integration tool and programming
language for the IBM Personal Computer - giving it the best flavors of
EXEC2, REXX and HyperTalk.

Extended Batch Language-Plus adds powerful features to batch files well
beyond what DOS provides. The EBL-Plus on-line manual will guide you in
the creation of batch files that can have the "look-and-feel" of your
choice. Colorful windows that use bouncing bar selection, pop-ups, fill in
the blank fields, buttons, and action bars are easily created.Enhanced
arithmetic, string, system, file I/O, and error recovery functions are
built in. Use its structured English-like commands to integrate
applications together, set up printers, automate execution of programs, or
even create other batch files.

New EBL-PLUS now has over 100 built-in commands and functions - additional
modules are not required. It has slimmer and trimmer memory utilization -
requiring little or no resident memory. Enlarged program areas are now
available - supporting EBL programs twice as large as before.

As a product integrator, it represents a significant advance in providing a
comprehensive, yet easy to learn, facility for controlling tasks you give
your computer.As a programming language, it provides a powerful
high-level language that can replace PC-DOS batch files or be used
independantly to make stand alone applications.

With EBL-PLUS, you will have the ability to:

* Add powerful extensions to your batch files

- Integrate programs, even dissimilar ones.
- Automate execution of programs and processes.
- Error handling and recovery.
- String and Arithmetic expressions and operations.
- Batch file processing up to five times faster than COMMAND.COM

* Create Custom Menus Automatically.

* Add windows to your EBL batch file applications.

* Design a professional user interface, creating the "Look
and Feel" of your choice ---

- bouncing bar menus
- fill in the blank menus
- buttons
- action bars
- sound

Call 800-634-8188 to try EBL-PLUS now. After the joy of EBL-PLUS,
using batch files will never be the same.

MS-DOS version: $79 + $3 shipping/handling (foreign shipping $12)
Mastercard and Visa accepted.

SEAWARE Corp.P.O. Box 1656Delray Beach, Florida 33444 (407) 738-1712

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