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Inserts characters into keyboard buffer as if typed, useful with some batch files.
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Inserts characters into keyboard buffer as if typed, useful with some batch files.
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Function - To simulate input redirection while reverting to normal
keyboard action at end of input stream.

Author - Jim Kyle (76703,762), SysOp of CLM SIG (GO CLM-332).

This program is a self-installing I/O filter which traps calls to INT 16H
(subfunctions 0 and 1). If its storage buffer has been emptied, the calls
are passed on to the previous INT 16 service routine. However, if the buffer
contains data, the next character from the buffer is returned as the key

If no other filter for INT 16 is installed after KBSTAK, the buffer may be
reloaded without re-installing the filter (and thus taking up another 580
bytes of RAM space). If INT 16 does NOT already point directly to KBSTAK,
calling the program will automatically load the filter in again.

Syntax for use of this program is:
KBSTAK pathname
where pathname is any non-wildcard file description acceptable to DOS 2.1 or
later versions. The referenced file's contents will be loaded into the
storage buffer; normally, this would be DOS commands, but any ASCII codes
are acceptable (function keys may not be included in the file). If the file
exceeds 255 bytes in length, the storage buffer is automatically reset to be
in its empty condition (this restriction can easily be removed by a minor
modification of the source file, and re-assembly).

The intent of KBSTAK is to permit a "canned" setup sequence for commercial
programs to be automatically executed from inside a batch file, to simplify
operation for inexperienced personnel. In this application, the first line
of the setup file should invoke the commercial program, with subsequent lines
providing the program's setup commands.

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