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Display messagin .BAT files and use Y/N questions too.
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Display messagin .BAT files and use Y/N questions too.
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Contents of the BATMSG.DOC file

Documentation For BATMSG - Version 1.03
A Shareware Program Written By Craig Veal

SHARE this program with others! Craig D. Veal
4734B Jacksonville Lane
Andrews AFB MD 20335
Phone 301-599-1071

Tired of having to use the ECHO command + the ALT 255 method of putting blank
lines in your .BAT files just so you can have a couple of blank lines before
the message you want to show? Tired of your word processor not handling those
ALT 255 characters and now you're right back where you started?

Well here's BATMSG.COM to help you. YN.COM will automatically take the text
you type after YN and show it with 2 blank lines before and after the message.
Run demo.bat to see this program in action.

The message is displayed in color (white characters on a red background), but
you can change the color by using IYB.COM (Install YN/BATMSG) and following
the prompts.

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