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Save/Restore current directory from a batch file.
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Save/Restore current directory from a batch file.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Have you ever run into a program that MUST be executed from a particular
directory because it loads other files from the default (current) directory ?
I have, that's why I wrote this small batch file to save the current directory
so that you can switch to another directory to execute a program and then go
back to the original directory.

For example:
Current Dir: C:\Games
Program to Run: C:\LC\LCSETUP

Note: You cannot use c:\lc\Lcsetup to run this program cause it looks for
the LC configuration file in the current directory. Dumb, but true.

You could do this:
@echo off

But, what if I start the batch files from my c:\util directory ? In this
case, I want to go back to my c:\util directory!

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