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Batch files that work with Norton's NCD command to work across logical drives.
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Batch files that work with Norton’s NCD command to work across logical drives.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

FASTCD.ZIP (c) 1990 by Steven R. Conrad
CI$ 76116,2272

Use this file for private use free of charge. Commercial use is prohibited.

To change directory to, say, c:\norton, type

c no then press and you're done.

If you have another directory or subdirectory that begins with the letters "no,"
issue the command c nor instead. If c:\norton is the ONLY directory
that begins with n, then c n is sufficient. In a like manner, to change
to d:\wp51\wpdata\personal\mother, type

d mo or d mot or d moth or . . .

Place the files a.bat
in a PATH directory PATH. BUT, only use .bat files whose filenames correspond
to actual drives used on your system. You can quickly change from any directory
to any other directory on any drive by typing the drive letter (NO colon!!!)
and then the first one or two or three or ... letters of the directory (or sub-
directory) name to which you wish to change. You must have the file ncd.exe in
the directory c:\norton. If it is located elsewhere, you must edit each batch
file accordingly.

This is the fastest known directory changer: it uses Norton's ncd.exe. If you
add a new directory, invoke ncd.exe and press F2 to scan for a new directory
structure--or it will take a LONNNNNGGGGGG time to change directories.

Steve Conrad

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