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A bunch of batch file utilities.
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A bunch of batch file utilities.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

BatAid Version 1.01 is a Batch file utility and it can make you batch files look
professionally done. To learn about BatAid do the following :

---------------------- NEEDS ANSI.SYS Device Driver ---------------------


----------------------------------- NOTE ----------------------------------

BatAid Version 1.01 is a shareware Utility and it is NOT Free. If you
find this utility or any other TSC utility useful, please send a registration
fee for it.

BATAID Version 1.01 Fee : $25.00

Please send fee to :
TSC Software (BATAID)
210 Fifth Street
Phillipsburg NJ, 08865

BATAID As all other TSC utilities are user supported, please report problems
suggestions or comments to the above address or leave a message on COMPUSERVE
ID 73767,1354 .. Thank you for your support ... (.. sounds familiar...)

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