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Add interesting and attractive ANSI graphics to your batch files. Replace those old, boring, "Press a key to continue" with colors and sounds.

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Replace the old "Press Any Key To
Continue ..." message in your batch
files with colorful boxes and 30
special effects. Shake, squish, fade,
zap, flash, zoom the screen and MUCH
MORE ! Free utility...

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Add interesting and attractive ANSI graphics to your batch files. Replace those old, boring, “Press a key to continue” with colors and sounds.
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Press Any Key 3.0

From Dave Smith

COMMENTS: Wow! The last Press Any Key was a surprise hit, getting
almost 400 downloads from CompuServe!

I guess you batch filers out there love cute little
utils for the old batches, huh?

Well here you go... another 10 variations to the original
theme. I have spent a lot of time on this dang thing, so
I hope you enjoy it. Sorry, no source code this time....

If you really want the source, just drop me a line and a
couple of bucks and I'll give it to ya.

NOTE: Please be careful when using option 28. It flashes
different colors on the screen, and should NOT be
used around people who have seizures. Because chances
are, they WILL have a seizure when seeing flashing
stuff. I will not be held responsible for the use
of this program for anything but leisure and entertainment
use. You take total responsibility when you use this.

Attention Batch File Programmers:

Don't Cha hate the predominately boring "Press Any Key to Continue"
message that comes up when you say--> PAUSE ??

In an attempt to relieve this, I have created my own version
of the message. It involves 30 fancy windows:

PRESS ANY KEY (part 3) from Dave Smith
Usage: AK [option] [box color]

1. Textured Frame 16. Frame Open
2. Shove Down 17. Off and On
3. Squish 18. Four Windows
4. Close Frame 19. Explode Window
5. Fade Out 20. Shuffle
6. Shake 21. Falling Lines
7. Whappo 22. Scrolling Box
8. Zapped 23. ScreenFull
9. Color Dump 24. Big Message
10. Flash 25. Side Lines
11. Bounce 26. Moving Shades
12. Thick Lines 27. Random Lines
13. Thin Lines 28. Flasher
14. Colored Dots 29. Question
15. Stars 30. Sudden Noise

And you can specify the box colors on the command-line.

So the usage:

AK [option] [box color]

whereas the options are listed 1-30 above.

So for a "Shake" option: AK 6

or for a "Fade Out" option: AK 5


David Smith
1104 Mason Dr.
Hurst TX 76053

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