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Batch Enhancer v3.10 - add colors, sounds, etc to batch files.

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Batch ENhancer v3.10
Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory
controls and other SPECTACULAR features into
batch files. Now with new Menu Designer! VG!

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Batch Enhancer v3.10 – add colors, sounds, etc to batch files.
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Batch ENhancer v3.10
Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory
controls and other SPECTACULAR features into
batch files. Now with new Menu Designer! VG!

The Batch ENhancer (c) 1993
Version 3.10
BEN310.ZIP is suggested BBS name for this file
Shareware software from Simvis Soft
Author, Simon Lee,
Phone: (416) 882-2514 Fax: (416) 882-2527
Mailing address: 7905 Bayview Ave., Unit 1019, Thornhill,
Ontario, Canada L3T 7N3

Installation: You may either copy every file to your hard drive
or you may use menu driven installation by typing the command


BEN stands for the Batch ENhancer:

Batch is a very simple yet powerful language DOS uses. Batch
files always end with the extension .BAT. For example, the
AUTOEXEC.BAT in the root directory of your boot disk is a batch
file. Although batch file is very flexible, it has some unwelcome
weaknesses. For example, it cannot get input from the user or
even do simple color-changing.

BEN is developed to compensate for Batch language's weaknesses.
BEN IMPROVE many aspects of the current batch file functions, and
it also introduce many new ones. With BEN, you can produce very
USEFUL batch files that can even compete with compiled
programming codes. Yet, BEN is so SIMPLE to use that even a
beginner can produce ATTRACTIVE batch files in no time at all.
Once you start using BEN, you will be able to incorporate colors,
sounds, menus, pop-up boxes, directory controls, and a host of
other SPECTACULAR and UNIQUE features into any batch file that
you ever write.

Advantages of BEN over other batch file enhancement programs:
- LARGE number of POWERFUL functions (42 in total) all
contained into one EXE file.
- All of these functions are very EASY to use.
- Comes with BENEdit, a text editor that is tailored for BEN.
With BENEdit, you can edit all your batch files and access
all the features of BEN QUICKLY and EASILY.
- Optimized for SPEED.
- Perfect for use as menuing systems.
- Can be used for programming any batch utilities (eg.
- Compatible with DOS and Windows.
- Compatible with the network environment. You can now use BEN
to program all the network batch files!

Program runs on ALL systems with and does NOT require color or
special graphics. ANSI.SYS suggested. Hard drive suggested.
Floppy use also possible.

This is NOT free software. This is NOT public domain software.
This is shareware: you are expected to pay a registration fee to
the author of this program if you find it useful. See registration
details within the main package.


README Readme file documentation
BROWSE.BAT Batch file that acts as a file browser
INSTALL.BAT Installation batch file for BEN
FILE_ID.DIZ Four-line description of the package
!BENDEMO.EXE Archived version of the BENDEMO files. When run,
these files are created:
- BENDEMO.BAT - Demo batch file that shows the
features of BEN
- BENDEMO.DA1 - Data file for BENDEMO
- BENDEMO.DA2 - Data file for BENDEMO
- BENDEMO.DA3 - Data file for BENDEMO
- BENDEMO.DA4 - Data file for BENDEMO
- BENDEMO.DA5 - Data file for BENDEMO
- BENDEMO.MNU - Menu data file for BENDEMO
!BENTXT.EXE Archived version of BEN's documentation. When run,
the file BEN.TXT is created.
BEN.EXE Batch ENhancer (BEN) program
BENEDIT.EXE A batch file editor that allows the user to
access all the features of BEN easily
MDESIGN.EXE Menu designer for BEN
BEN.HLP Help file for BEN.EXE
VENDOR.TXT Text file that describes BEN's distribution
WHATSNEW.TXT Text file that describes the new features
of BEN version 3.10

To install the program, do the following at the DOS prompt:


Unpack the demo files by using the command:


When this is done, run the demo batch file by using the command:


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