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Allows placement of jiggles in batch files.
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Allows placement of jiggles in batch files.
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TUNE plays one or more of five little tunes. It is useful
in batch files to give you an audible signal that a process has been

INVOKING THE PROGRAM: From DOS command level, type TUNE nnn.x
where the n's are digits from 1 to 5 representing the tune to play,
and x is a speed parameter (1=fast, 9=quite slow). For example,
TUNE 5.1 will play the fifth tune quickly. If you do not specify a
speed, TUNE will use 2. There is no default for the tune number.

LIMITATIONS: As it uses the IBM PC's audio hardware, TUNE
is not transportable to any non-IBM-compatible system. Assembler
hackers may wish to get inside the program to revise the tunes to
their own tastes.

IBM-compatible system. Assembler

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