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Days To version 2.4. Tells you the date as well as the number of days remaining until the next holiday.
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Days To version 2.4. Tells you the date as well as the number of days remaining until the next holiday.
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**** DAYS TO ****
(Ver. 2.4)

DAYS TO ver. 2.x is the QuickBASIC version of the initial
BASIC program called DAYS.BAS or the compiled form DAYS.EXE. It adds
another floating holiday (Memorial Day) and fixes a couple of minor
bugs in DAYS. Version 2.1 fixed a bug in ver. 2.0 which caused
the "days to end of summer" to be negative if the date in September
were after the 22nd. Version 2.2 added an enhanced display; version
2.3 adds the number of days since the beginning of the year to the
display and changes the date display format. Version 2.4 adds
configurability so the user can select the mode of termination.

DAYS TO is a program which is designed to be used in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The purpose of DAYS TO is to provide you, upon
boot-up, with today's date as well as the number of days remaining
to the next holiday. The number of days until Christmas is also
provided (so you can start shopping early!). If the current date
is a holiday, it will greet you with the appropriate message.

To run, simply type DAYSTO at the DOS prompt. Edit your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to include DAYSTO in order to be greeted daily with
the upcoming holiday message. DAYS TO also accounts for the "floating"
holidays, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

When the program is run for the first time, you will be
asked to select one of three options which, when selected, will
be written to a configuration file, DAYSTO.CFG. The options
allow you to select the mode of program termination.
Selecting option 1 causes the program to prompt you to
press enter after the run is complete. This option can be used if
you would like plenty of time to read the information before
proceding. The drawback is that it requires user interaction before
your autoexec.bat file can continue. The second option inserts a
5-second delay at termination to give you time to read the information
onscreen before autoexec.bat resumes. The third option causes the
program to terminate immediately with no pause.

To change your configuration file, delete DAYSTO.CFG at
the DOS prompt and run the program again. If the program
terminates improperly, it may be because the DAYSTO.CFG file has
been corrupted. Simply delete it and re-run DAYSTO.EXE. To
delete the configuration file, simply go into DOS (black screen
with flashing prompt) and type: DEL DAYSTO.CFG Be careful NOT
to delete the DAYSTO.EXE program file.
You can also override the configuration by typing a 1, 2,
or 3 after the filename on the command line. For example:

DAYSTO 2 (No delimiters)

In this example the program will terminate after a 5-second delay
regardless of what the configuration file says. You can eliminate
the need of having a configuration file by using the command
line argument on your first and each successive run of the program.

This program is Shareware. If you use it, you must register
it with the author--Jerry Wilson. Send $10 to:

Jerry Wilson
P.O. Box 73
Edinburgh, IN 46124

Registered users will receive future updates, the QuickBASIC
source code, plus additional programs from the author.
Also, if you register, you may include the names and birthdates
of up to four people. I will modify the code to include a Happy Birthday
message on their birthday!

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