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Interactive batch file branching utility.
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Interactive batch file branching utility.
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SKIP.EXE (1.5) - Conceived by: Brian Gaiser - Coded by: Adam Krell
Use in batch files to skip commands if a key is struck.

Usage: SKIP n string -s
Where: "n" is the number of seconds user has to strike
keyboard to avoid execution of following commands.

"string" is an optional prompt (must enclose in " ").

"-s" is an optional sound switch.

EXAMPLE: SKIP 5 "Strike key now to avoid loading SideKick" -s

Returns ERRORLEVEL greater than zero if keyboard is struck before
countdown ends. The ERRORLEVEL value will be the second count at
which you struck the keyboard. For example if you struck the key-
board when the coundown was at 2, then the ERRORLEVEL value will be 2.

This utility is useful in batch files to allow a user to take
certain action by just striking a key.

It is especially useful in an Autoexec.bat.

For example:

echo off
path c:\dos;c:\util\bin;c:\util\bat;
prompt $p$g
SKIP 5 "Strike any key now to avoid loading SideKick." -s
if errorlevel 1 goto continue

This setup allows one to choose at bootup wheather or not to let
SideKick get loaded. The default will be to load SideKick as long
as the keyboard is not struck during the countdouwn.

This is helpful in a situation where several people use a single
computer. Some of the users may need SideKick, but others need all
the memory they can get so loading SideKick is out. SideKick will
be loaded automatically as longs as the keyboard is not struck.
The one who needs as much free memory as possible is the only one
who need know about striking the keyboard. The others may not under-
stand or care about this option, so with out them doing anything Side-
Kick will be loaded.

Note also that the ERRORLEVEL return code will be the second at which
the keyboard was struck. Programmers can utilize this feature to find
out how long it took the user to strike the keyboard for an application
they may be writing.

Version 1.5 enhancements:

1. Sound switch is added.

2. The largest number of seconds now can be 4,294,967,295 as opposed to
version 1.0's limit to 9999. Note however, the largest ERRORLEVEL
possible (because of DOS's limitation) is 255.

3. ERRORLEVEL now returns the second at which the keyboard was struck, not
just 1.

If you like this utility and find it useful and want to send a
couple of bucks - great! Better yet, why not send us a registered
copy of your shareware program.

Adam Krell
PO Box 7786
Atlantic City, NJ 08404

SideKick is a registered trademark of Borland International, Inc.

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