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Batch file menus with point'n'shoot and windows.
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Batch file menus with point’n’shoot and windows.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

To: Previous BATMNU Users
RE: BATMNU 2.1 Changes...

- Headers and footers can now contain the time and/or date. Multiple forms
are possible, including some European formats.

- The option line limit has been extended to 50 characters for single column
menus. A 2 column menu still has the 25 character limit.

- Each option can have a help line that will appear centered in the footer.
The length is limited to 70 characters or less if the time and/or date are
configured to appear there. A footer line can be used as well. It will be
shown if there is no help line defined for a menu item.

- The process of choosing hotkeys by BATMNU, either automatically or by
letter, has changed slightly although the method remains the same. If you
use a letter, BATMNU will first search the option string for an uppercase
match. It there is no match, it will then look for a lowercase match.

Example: option,Text Editor,e

This will highlight the 'E' in "Editor" rather than the 'e' in "Text". When
automatically choosing hotkeys, BATMNU will follow the same convention.
This may cause some of your old menus using the 'a' switch to run out of
hotkeys when they didn't before, especially if it had a large number of
options. The menu will still work but it will default to letter options
instead. To fix this, simply add 'n' (no case) to the 'a' switch. This will
override the uppercase search and your menu should look as it did before.

Example: window,bwhi,fblu,an

- When using the parameter option on the option line, a space is no longer
required when not specifying the hotkey, drive, and/or directory. Only the
comma is needed.

Example: option,Commander,,,,nc

There is no need to make changes to old menus as BATMNU will still read the
old format properly.

July 11, 1992

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