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A program to execute a batch file once a month.
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A program to execute a batch file once a month.
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User Documentation

By Scott Goodgame

(C) 1991

If you find this program useful, please send $10 to

Scott Goodgame
1556 Sequoia Av.
Placentia, CA 92670

This package may be freely distributed and used as long as you don't charge
for it, you don't alter it, and you include all the following files -

chefix.exe : Program that checks if more than one month has
passed since BATCH.BAT was last executed
oneamon.bat : Keeps track of the last month BATCH.BAT was
batch.bat : A user-created batch file to be executed once a

ONEAMON will execute a batch file named BATCH.BAT on the first boot-up
of each month. This is useful for files that you want to execute
automaticly but not every single time you boot up.{ like a virus checking
program and disk optimization programs }

To use ONEAMON, copy all these files to your root directory and add the
following command to you AUTOEXEC.BAT file.


Now put whatever you want executed once a month in the file named
BATCH.BAT. For example, you could have your BATCH.BAT file
execute a virus checker then a disk de-fragment program

I don't really feel like including examples because if you can't figure
the program out from the given directions, you really need to read a
good DOS book.

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