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IFF is a powerful batch utility allows ERRORLEVEL commands to perform a variety of functions such as check for free memory, find file on disk, switch directories to where file was found, check date/time, etc.
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IFF is a powerful batch utility allows ERRORLEVEL commands to perform a variety of functions such as check for free memory, find file on disk, switch directories to where file was found, check date/time, etc.
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Contents of the IFF.DOC file


A Multifunction BATch File Utility

Version 5.0

By John Knauer, Jr.

CompuServe # 75236,1466

Copyright (C) 1989 by John Knauer,Jr

June 1989

Table Of Contents

Preface Introduction 1
License Introduction 1
Warranty Introduction 2
History Introduction 3
What's New Introduction 3
Syntax Introduction 5
Sub-Options Introduction 5 (also see page 8)
Options Introduction 6
Errorlevel Codes Introduction 6

Sub-Options Explained Page 1
rAm Page 2
sCan Page 3
Date Page 4
Exist Page 5
Find Page 6
Input Page 7
Label Page 8
Menu Page 9
Prompt Page 10
Question Page 11
seaRch Page 12
Size Page 13
Test drives Page 14
Wait Page 15
eXpanded Page 16

Order Form Page 17
User Response Form Page 18

Helpful Hints Appendix 1
Commented Demo
BATch Files Appendix 2-18

June 1989


IFF is a powerful BATch file utility that performs a multitude of
functions, from asking a simple Y/N question and accepting string
input, to checking for formatted disks, as well as EMS memory

Unlike other smaller utilities, IFF incorporates several utilities
in one package under one name, IFF. IFF uses DOS' ERRORLEVEL BATch
variable to let your BATch file know what IFF has or has not found (for
more information on ERRORLEVEL please check your DOS manual). By
following IFF with a series of
commands, you can test the return codes and take appropriate action.

Limited License

IFF - COPYRIGHT 1989 by John Knauer,Jr
All Rights Reserved.

You are granted a limited license to use, share, copy and
distribute IFF for NONCOMMERCIAL use, provided:

(1) this notice and Copyright information is not removed or
(2) no fee may be charged for such copying and distribution,
EXCEPT-clubs and user groups distributing the software on a
ShareWare basis providing that the entire IFF package with
accompanying documentation files is included in the
distribution and no more than a nominal fee (not to exceed
$10) is charged for such copying and distribution,
(3) IFF may ONLY be distributed in it's original unmodified


If you find IFF useful and convenient to use, I encourage you to

PARTIAL registration ($20) includes a diskette of the current
version of IFF and one upgrade to the next major version of IFF.

FULL registration ($25) includes a diskette and pre-printed manual
for the current version of IFF as well as a diskette and pre-printed
manual for the next major version of IFF when it becomes available.

Please state the current version number of the software you are
presently using and send registration to:

John Knauer, Jr.
P.O.Box 747
Brookfield, CT 06804

IFF v5.0 June 1989

Introduction -1-

NOTE: You may not use this product in a commercial environment,
educational institution or government organization without paying a
license fee. Site licenses and commercial distribution licenses are
available. Contact me at the above address for more information.

Site License

This license allows the use of the software within your company,
and is not transferable. This allows internal use and copying of the
software by as many users/machines as you have contracted for. An
unlimited Site License allows unlimited copying of the software for
internal use by your company. Distribution, repackaging, or reselling
of the software to third parties is not allowed.

Distribution License

This allows distribution of the software with commercial software
that is manufactured by your company. This license is non-exclusive
and non-transferable.


IFF is provided on an as-is basis without warranty of any kind,
expressed or implied.

John Knauer,Jr. makes no warranties, expressed or implied,
including, but not limited to, merchantability or fitness for any
particular purpose. In no event shall John Knauer,Jr. be liable for
direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of this
software program.

If you fail to abide by the terms of this license -
"May The Ostrich Of Paradise Drop An Egg On The Hood Of Your
New Mercedes"

IFF is a supported utility that has grown, and will continue to
grow, with the help of your support.

The documentation is in alphabetic order and the Appendix contains
sample BATch files for your easy reference. These files are included
as individual demonstration BATch files to help you get started.

Thanks again to Mike Todd of The Source, Dr. File Finder of
The Black Bag, and Gary Snider of Rocky Road for their help and
support. And to Brigid, for all her patience and understanding while
I've written this software.


IFF v5.0 June 1989

Introduction -2-


v1.00 Jan.86 Checked for file on specified drive (option E).
Asked a Y/N question (option Q).

v2.00 Feb.86 Added the Menu option (option M),
seaRch option (option R),
Check for disk space (option S).

v2.01 Mar.86 Added the 2 option to the E option.

v3.00 Apr.87 Added a chime to all requests for response.
sCan option. Prompt option.
Allowed 0-Z for Menu and Prompt options.
Removed the 2 option from the E option. IFF
now will report 99 and 89 on all options with
disk access.
Re-wrote and condensed various routines.

v4.00 Apr.88 eXpanded memory option.
rAm memory test option.
Date option. Label option.
Beep to all error messages.
Buffered keyboard, a response can be typed
before you're presented with the prompt.
Can not Crtl.Break out of IFF.


v5.00 Jun.89 Date option now automatically updates IFF without
needing to tell IFF where to find itself(Under
DOS 3.x).
Find option, same as sCan, but does not change the
default directory.
Input option allows strings to be put in the
DOS Environment variable named IFF.
Test drives option lists ALL available drives
in the DOS Environment variable IFF.
Wait option and sub-option.
Calendar Day, Default responses, Month, No error
messages, Pause # of seconds between chimes,
Seconds, use DOS enVironment, Wait then continue
and Z "Sleep/Quiet" - do not chime.
No longer writes directly to the screen.

IFF v5.0 June 1989

Introduction -3-


New with version 5.0 are "sub-options". They allow more flex-
ibility without the need for a configuration program. If you add a
sub-option to an option that does not utilize that sub-option, it will
simply be ignored. Also note, the Input option and enVironment sub-
option WILL NOT WORK IN MOST multi-tasking environments.

When testing IFF's results, you should test for the highest
possible return code first, i.e. check for 99 then 89 etc. You can put
in a 'blanket' IF statement to catch any error by using
IF ERRORLEVEL 60 GOTO [your error handler]
this will catch any result greater than 60.

Always remember IF ERRORLEVEL nn ..... will catch the ERRORLEVEL
greater than or equal to nn. Please consult your DOS reference manual
for more information.

Lastly, the latest version of IFF will always be available on The
Black Bag, and Rocky Road. I can be contacted for problems, questions
and comments at the above address, CompuServe (75235,1466), or the
above BBS's.

Files you should have received:
IFF.EXE The actual IFF program
IFF.DOC This documentation
IFF_?.BAT Several demonstration BATch files to help
you get started
READ????.??? Last minute notes
ORDER.FRM An order form
RESPONSE.FRM User response form

IFF v5.0 June 1989

Introduction -4-



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