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Batch file utility that will stuff the keyboard buffer.
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Batch file utility that will stuff the keyboard buffer.
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Contents of the KEYSTUFF.TXT file

Keystuff is meant to be put in batch files, and used to automatically
input those "yes," "no," "press any key to begin," etc. instructions
to get to the main body of your application. It can stuff up to 15
characters in the computer's keyboard buffer. When the application
runs, it reads the codes in the buffer as if you had typed the keys

For example, my batch file used to call up Procomm+TD uses two
keypresses to get to the main screen. Since any key will do, my batch
file looks like:

keystuff yy

Keyboard uses the tilde (~) as the enter key. If you need returns
after your program prompts, you can type:

keystuff y~n~

This program was put in the public domain by Blake McArthur, Winnipeg,
Canada. Further information can be found in the September 1988 issue of
PCResource Magazine.

Enjoy. Greg Perlstein
CIS 76667,353

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