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Batch utility that sets errorlevel to hour of system time (0-23).
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Batch utility that sets errorlevel to hour of system time (0-23).
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HR2ERLVL.DOC 05-29-91 tem

HR2ERLVL.COM is a batch file utility which reads the DOS
system time, and sets the errorlevel equal to the hour
of that system time.

For example, system time midnight until 12:59 am will
produce errorlevel 0 (zero), 1:00am until 1:59am will
produce errorlevel 1, etc..

If you are new to using errorlevel in batch files,
refer to your DOS manual, or ask for some help.

Source is in HR2ERLVL.SCR, a debug script file which
produces HR2ERLVL.COM when the following command is
entered: DEBUG
This 10 byte program appeared in INFOWORLD, in the
Buyer's Advisory column by Brett Glass on 05-27-91.

Following is the "source file" debug script from that

E100 B4 2C CD 21 88 E8 B4 4C CD 21

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