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Validate password in batch files.
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Validate password in batch files.
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Contents of the ACCESS.DOC file

This is a very simple program intended to restrict access to a computer
when left momentarily unattended.

usage: ACCESS

You can call it from a batch file or from the command line. Next thing
you'll see it's a blank screen and the message "Password:" on it. If you
don't give it the right password in three chances, it will not return
to the batch file or command line.
Example of calling it from a batch file:

This program was adapted from one I developed for a Novell network, on that
version the program does logout after the three chances with the password.
It's not intended against a serious attack (you can still use resident
programs, for instance), the only defense against that still it's a good
Hope it can be useful to you.

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