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Reboot computer at specified time - very, very small. ASM source.
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Reboot computer at specified time – very, very small. ASM source.
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Contents of the REBOOTAT.TXT file


Written by F.G. Adinolfi February 1992
Version 1.01 03/04/92 Fix problem of booting 1 hour early
Display version number
Add CRLF to messages
Version 1.02 03/04/92 Fix previous version which instead of booting
at the correct hour, ignored the hour entirely.
Apologies !.


Reboot TSR for unattended machines.


I needed a routine to reboot unattended machines which are dedicated to off-site
users to allow them to perform batch processing during the night.

Yes, there are other TSRs out there which will do the job, but I didn't want
to pay out for shareware for what I considered a quick and easy job.

Having started the process, I decided that it would be neat if the TSR left
no holes in memory. Using DOS call 31h means that the Program segment prefix
remains in memory and although the environment space can be returned to DOS
it usually leaves a hole which is to small to be useful for anything (except
this program ?).
For futher technical details see source code.


REBOOTAT HH:MM where HH and MM are 1 or 2 digits
and HH < 24 and MM < 59


This program installs a TSR which will reboot a machine at a given time HH:MM
The machine should reboot within a minute either side of the time entered.
Accuracy is not really a requirement in this application.

It uses Interrupt 1C and DOES preserve the interrupt chain.

It installs into the lowest available block of memory -
requires only 64 bytes including Memory Control Block information.
and typically these bytes are never used for anything anyway.

This software is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and you may distribute/modify the program
and or source as you desire. In return, I assume no responsibility for any
failure of the software to operate correctly. I will however be happy to
answer any questions you may have regarding the use or implementation of the
software. I use it on several machines and thought it might be useful to

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