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Simple batch utility that ASKs for input.
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Simple batch utility that ASKs for input.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASK.DOC 4351 1312 deflated
ASKIT.COM 8090 5133 deflated
LOAD.COM 8526 5473 deflated
LOAD.DOC 2528 1080 deflated
MENU1.BAT 1031 325 deflated
MENU2.BAT 669 264 deflated
MENUTEXT.ANS 1404 313 deflated
MM.BAT 1623 432 deflated
README 873 411 deflated

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Contents of the README file

ASKERS.ZIP -- A pair of useful BATCH file menuing programs. v1.0
by: Russel Havens 7-4-90

These are two types of ASK programs for use in batch files with the
IF ERRORLEVEL directive in MS-DOS(c).

This is release 1.0 of the set although, LOAD.COM has been upgraded
from its initial release. Both LOAD.COM and ASKIT.COM have .DOC files
explaining their usages.

I retain all rights to this software, but feel free to use it as if
it were PUBLIC DOMAIN software. Heck, live it up a little!


Russel Havens

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