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26 Ways to clear your screen. Useful in batch files.
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26 Ways to clear your screen. Useful in batch files.
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At the DOS prompt, type CLR n (where n = 1 to 26). The default is n = 16.
Examples: CLR CLR 10
1 Blinds Horizontal 14 Overlay Right CLR 7 CLR 19
2 Blinds Vertical 15 Overlay Up CLR is a replacement for
3 Boxes 16 Propeller the DOS CLS command. It
4 Close Curtain Horizontal 17 Push Down works best in 80x25 mode.
5 Open Curtain Horizontal 18 Push Left
6 Close Curtain Vertical 19 Push Right If you like CLR, please
7 Open Curtain Vertical 20 PushUp send $9 for a registered
8 Diagonal Up 21 Radar copy and information on
9 Diagonal Down 22 Fallout our other products.
10 Explode 23 Squeeze Down DolSOFT CREATIONS
11 Implode 24 Squeeze Left 1609 Fremont Street
12 Overlay Down 25 Squeeze Right Florence, SC 29505
13 Overlay Left 26 Squeeze Up
Put CLR in your PATH!

This screen is available at any time by typing: CLR H

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