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Batch of DOS utilities, .EXE, .MOD, .DOC.
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Batch of DOS utilities, .EXE, .MOD, .DOC.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLNTMP.EXE 28918 14523 deflated
CLNTMP.MOD 29367 7483 deflated
GETDIR.EXE 15283 7805 deflated
GETDIR.MOD 2744 1220 deflated
GETPATH.DOC 3144 1187 deflated
GETPATH.EXE 17709 8732 deflated
GETPATH.MOD 5114 1902 deflated
READ.ME 1838 797 deflated
UTILITY.DEF 10407 3001 deflated
UTILITY.MOD 16880 4750 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Files present in this arc should include:
CLNTMP.EXE - temporary directory cleaning utility
CLNTMP.MOD - Logitech Modula-2 source code
GETDIR.EXE - utility to write out .bat file to restore current directory
GETDIR.MOD - Logitech Modula-2 source code
GETPATH.EXE - utility to write out .bat file to restore current PATH
GETPATH.MOD - Logitech Modula-2 source code
GETPATH.DOC - explanation of GETPATH and sample usage
UTILITY.DEF - Logitech Modula-2 source code
UTILITY.MOD - Implementation module for UTILITY.DEF

CLNTMP will search for directories ending in \TMP and erase files there
older than a specified date. See CLNTMP.MOD for details on usage.

GETDIR will write out to a file the commands necessary to restore the
current drive and directory. See GETDIR.MOD for details on usage.

GETPATH will write out to a file the commands necessary to restore the
current value of the PATH environment variable. See GETPATH.DOC for
details on usage.

UTILITY is additional source code that is referenced in GETPATH. It
also contains several useful string handling procedures, procedures to
access command line parameters, procedures to provide access to the
system time and date, and a bunch of constants used to insert inline
assembly language code via the CODE procedure. See UTILITY.DEF for
details on usage.

All of these executables should run on any MS/PCDOS box running DOS 2.0
or better. Hope that you find some of them useful. The source code is
included for your use, exemplification, and redistribution as you see
fit. The only caveat is that I request that you not remove my name
from the source code headers. Please allow credit where credit is due,
or blame if that be the case.

Hope you find these things useful. I do.


(* end of this file *)

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