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Program delays into your batch files.
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Program delays into your batch files.
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Contents of the DELAY.TXT file

DELAY V1.0 - Alex K.H. Soya, Logan Industries, Inc. (407) 984-1627

DELAY is a small utility which does nothing but waste time. Even though
this seems sort of useless, there are a lot of cases when such a utility
may come in handy.

For example in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, I often start up several processes
(like for example the company BBS system, the CSPOOL spooler, etc) on different
consoles. At times it is important that certain processes start up before
any other processes, by using DELAY in the batch file I can accomplish this.

For example in my AUTOEXEC.BAT I start up the the CALLUS BBS on virtual
console 3 and 4. I want to make sure that console 4 starts first so the

if "%3"=="3" goto BBS
if "%4"=="4" goto BBS
bla bla
bla bla for other consoles... etc

if "%3"=="3" delay 5
NETON; turn on network
LOGON 2::; logon node 002 on to this system
SUBST P: C:\CDOS; do the stuff CALLUS needs and fire it up

This utility is placed into the Public Domain, you may use it, copy
it and do whatever you like with it. Note that the author and
Logan Industries, Inc. are not in any way liable for any damage
or use this utility provides. All risks of using this utility are
the users or endusers.

Hope you too find wasting time usefull! -Alex Soya
Logan Industries, Inc.

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