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Day O'Week is a program which will return a DOS ERRORLEVEL appropriate to the day of the week.
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Day O’Week is a program which will return a DOS ERRORLEVEL appropriate to the day of the week.
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Description ::

Day O'Week is a very small program which when called will return a DOS
ERRORLEVEL appropriate to the day of the week as set in the internal clock.
The number returned is as per Turbo PASCAL version 4, where 0 = Sunday, 1 =
Monday, 2 = Tuesday . . . 6 = Saturday.

Use ::

Enter DAYOWEEK from the DOS command line and hit (). Simple,
eh? My little copyright message is displayed (as is required to make the
copyright valid), along with version number and date of the version. You
can't see the results directly, you have to use some other means to
actually see the ERRORLEVEL returned (like TELLDAY.BAT).

Yes, but what is it good for? ::

Basically, I wrote Day O'Week for the BBS I co-SysOp, we needed to be able
to run our event once a week instead of daily, and this works quite well at
allowing just that. I can think of other uses, though, like: preparing a
different screen for each day of the week to be displayed when you turn the
computer on for the day; also, setting your computer to automatically start
a weekly process (such as backing up the hard disk) so you never forget to
do it.

Warranty ::

There is none!! I will stand by my product as causing no damage to your
computer as distributed by me. Unfortunately, unless you get Day O' Week
directly from me, I cannot guarantee that it has not been hacked or a virus
implanted in it. Be careful, only use unmodified versions, check the info
below against yours:

DAYOWEEK.EXE 2160 7-13-88 6:13p

Also, check to see that the ARChive was created with PK 3.6 and all files
were added with PK 3.6. Destroy immediately any versions which do not
match the above data!!!

Distribution ::

This program is released for the public domain. I retain copyright to Day
O'Week, but it may distributed freely in its original, unmodified form.
Disassembly is prohibited, as is selling Day O'Week for profit.

Notes ::

Day O'Week was written in Turbo PASCAL version 4.0, with a stack size of
4k and a maximum heap of 4k. It uses the Turbo system unit (TURBO.TPL) and
the DOS unit (DOS.TPU). Source code is not available for release. Sorry!

Address ::

If you have a legitimate need to contact me (not to ask for source code,
it's such a simple program anyways!), I can be reached at the address

Kelly DeYoe
2213 Spinnaker Ct.
Reston, VA 22091

Please - NO telephone calls!!!

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