Dec 192017
New Improved pause command for batch files.
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New Improved pause command for batch files.
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Contents of the NPAUSE.DOC file


This program adds some pizzazz to your batch files. It performs the
same function is the PAUSE command but with some added features.

Format is: NPAUSE "message" /Dx /Px /Bx /Fx

Where options are:

/Dx Delay x timer ticks between each character. (default 2)

/Px Pause for x times ticks after the complete message is shown.
(default is 6)

/Bx Backgound color to display is x. (default is black)

/Fx Foreground color to display is x. (default is white)

If no message is specified then,Press any key to continue!, will be used.
The specified or the default message will be displayed until a key is

Play with it I think you'll like it.

Background color numbers Forgound color numbers
0 = black 0 = black 8 = gray
1 = blue 1 = blue 9 = light blue
2 = green 2 = green 10 = light green
3 = cyan 3 = cyan 11 = light cyan
4 = red 4 = red 12 = light red
5 = magenta 5 = magenta 13 = light magenta
6 = brown 6 = brown 14 = yellow
7 = white 7 = white 15 = intense white

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