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Display/Collect time, date, or both on screen or in file.

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Show Date and/or time, opt. to file
Allows storing current date, time
or both (in either order) to a
file via the MS DOS > option.

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Display/Collect time, date, or both on screen or in file.
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04/16/92 DT - Users Manual for the DT Program [TDR]
This program is provided 'as is'.

Paul Robinson, Tansin A. Darcos & Company [TDR]
P O Box 70970, Washington, DC 20024-0970
Internet: [email protected]
"Above all else...We shall go on..." _"...And Continue!"

"Ask about our catalog of over 300 diskettes of source code,
usually written by someone else, fortunately."
In Stereo Where Available

- Purpose: To allow someone to display/collect date, time, or both
possibly into a file. It could then be restored later.
- Usage: Shows Date and / or time

DT [ dt | d | t | td | /? ] [>file.txt]
dt - (or no arguments) Shows date, then time
d - show date only
t - show time');
td - show time then date');
/? - show this message');
>file.txt - optionally send output to file.txt

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