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CPP Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
256CAPP.ZIP139885Jan 3 1992Sample code for using scrollers under Borland C++ 3.1.
3DBTN.ZIP4576Jun 29 19933-D controls in Borland C++ OWL.
3DPIC.ZIP1011Jan 17 1993BC++ code produces complex 3-D drawings.
3PAPPF.ZIP39868Dec 24 1992Review of numerous 3rd party Application Frameworks for C++ (DOS/WIN/NT/OS2/UNIX). Includes zApp, Zinc, Glockienspiel, more... Focus on zApp.
AFXVBX.ZIP10475Sep 7 1993Microsoft Visual C++ sample application that shows you how to display a vbx control in a dialog box that is a resource of an AFXDLL.
APPMAKER.ZIP52603Jul 15 1993Create application for Visual C++ MFC 2.0, Builds windows skeletons, compatible with intergrator.
BC30P1.ZIP6427Jan 20 1992First patch for Borland C++ 3.0.
BC30P2.ZIP9129Jan 24 1992Second patch for Borland C++ 3.0.
BC30P3.ZIP11949Jan 29 1992Third patch for Borland C++ 3.0.
BC31P1.ZIP11277Jun 30 1992First patch for Borland C++ 3.1. Fixes some problems with assert and new. Straight from the Borland support area on Genie.
BC31P2.ZIP49273Jul 27 1992BC++ 3.1 patch: new TLINK with increased capacity.
BC31P3.ZIP8929Aug 19 1992Borland C++ 3.1 Patch 3.
BC31P4.ZIP20409Mar 1 19934th patch to Borland C++ v 3.1.
BC40EXAM.ZIP28101Jan 7 1994Windows help file on examples contained in Borland C++ 4.0.
BC40P1.ZIP54969Jan 11 1994Borland C++ 4.0 Patch 1.
BC45P1.ZIP32154Jan 11 1995Patch 1 for Borland C++ 4.5.
BC45P2.ZIP464818Feb 27 1995Patch 2 for Borland C++ 4.5.
BC45P3.ZIP1027574Feb 17 1995Patch 3 for Borland C++ 4.5.
BC4P01.ZIP2922Feb 28 1994Borland C++ 4.0 patch 1 dated 3-1-94 for vbx support.
BC4P02.ZIP129935Feb 28 1994Borland C++ 4.0 patch 2 dated 3-1-94 allows creation of com files.
BC4P03.ZIP449097Feb 28 1994Borland C++ 4.0 patch 3 dated 3-1-94 includes assorted fixes and ability to create "Chicago" exes.
BC4P04.ZIP64375Feb 28 1994Borland C++ 4.0 patch 4 patches BWCC to work with Chicago.
BC4P06.ZIP109530Nov 30 2027Patch 6 for borland C++ 4.0 (No patch 5 as far as I can tell).
BC4P1-4.ZIP736604Feb 15 1994Patches for Borland 4.0 - VBX support, .COM file creation, "Chicago" ready .EXE's, BWCC and "Chicago" compatibility. From Borland's download service.
BCC31P2.ZIP52624Jul 27 1992Borland C++ 3.1 Patch. Increases TLINK capacity, also properly sorts MAP file. From Borland BB.
BCCAPP.ZIP197283Sep 15 1991C++ library for database design. This is FREEware!.
BCEXAMP.ZIP18931Apr 23 1991C++ class examples.
BFAST11.ZIP82949Sep 9 1992Freeware C/C++ library for accessing Btrieve files.
BGICLA.ZIP18397Jun 24 1990Borland C++ BGI Class Library. Full source code included.
BLDCASE.ZIP1602384May 10 1994The source code for the book. Object-Oriented Development: Building Case Tools with C++ by David Brumbaugh.
BLFMATH.ZIP46493Sep 13 1993C++ source for user-defined vectors and matrix functions.
BOB13.ZIP52349Sep 27 1991BOB the object oriented interpreter (subset of C++) by David Betz.
BOOTRCD.ZIP16747Aug 14 1992C++ routines and program for dealing with the boot record, root dictionary, and FATs.
BOR32.ZIP36916May 9 199432-bit programming in BC++ 4.0 ( from Borland forum on Compuserve).
BORTE1.ZIP7884Dec 31 1993Updated font for Borland C++ 4.0.
BR.ZIP105160Feb 4 1992Paradox table browser with Turbo CPP source code. Uses Paradox Engine.
BWCC.ZIP101079Aug 15 1993C++ source demostrating the use of borlands custom controls in your windows applications.
B_WINPP2.ZIP30315Mar 18 1992This is a small C++ windowing library that was developed with TC++.
C32_B.ZIP1428013Feb 2 1994Watcom 9.5 32 level B patches (You MUST have level A applied!) This patch includes support for VESA SVGA's (& bug fixes of course).
CALE-TCC.ZIP1921Mar 4 1992Calendar display routine on VGA (Turbo C++ source code).
CBTRAN.ZIP3552May 7 1992Borland OWL example of combo box transfers.
CCL110JE.ZIP33258Jun 19 1993C++ Class Coroutine: an abstract base class for DOS coroutines.
CHALLOC.ZIP3398Feb 21 1992C++ memory chunk allocator class with full source code.
CHARTP10.ZIP30306May 1 1992CHARTP10.ZIP is a C++ object-oriented chart parser with source.
CHKDATE.ZIP1516Sep 14 1993C++ function to validate a UnFormatted date string.
CL182.ZIP29224May 18 1993Container Lite v1.82 - a portable hybrid container class for C++, requires a fraction of the space used by commercial container class libraries.
CLPARSE.ZIP2706Jul 11 1992Example of Class Orientated command line parser for C++. Typed in from INSIDE TURBO C++, May/June 1992 by The COBB Group. If anyone can figure out the undefined symbol error during the link, I'd appreciate it.
CMDL.ZIP19196Dec 22 1992Command Line Parser for DOS with C++ source.
CMDLNC.ZIP5358Apr 3 1991Comand line parser for Borland C++.
CMDLOOK.ZIP3501Oct 14 1992A command string parser in C++.
CODINGCC.ZIP13246Jul 17 1991"Clean Coding in C++" program files from the book by M&T Books.
COLORCDL.ZIP62129May 21 1992Borland OWL example of using color comman dialog boxes.
COMMDLG.ZIP48611Mar 5 1992Borland C++ OWL of using Win 3.1 common dialog boxes.
CPP-FAQ.ZIP65259Mar 7 1992C++ frequently asked question.
CPPFAQ.ZIP57824Aug 13 1993Frequently asked questions on C ++.
CPPFAQ93.ZIP63156Jul 10 1993C++ Frequently Asked Questions June 1993 from the Internet (comp.lang.c++).
CPPTASK.ZIP59440Aug 21 1991C++ source code for multi-tasking kernel.
CPPTUT.ZIP178897Jun 27 1992Excellent C++ tutorial for the moderately experienced C programmer. Good examples.
CPPTUT22.ZIP191530May 20 1992C++ Tutor. Assumes experience with some varient of C. Text and source code.
CPP_GRPH.ZIP146303Oct 13 1990Source code from book "Graphical User Interfaces with Turbo C++" by Ted Fraison.
CURSESP.ZIP203696Dec 4 1991Most recent version of PCURSES (was v1.4). Updated for Borland C++.
CWINSOCK.ZIP9901Nov 8 1993A C++ class for Winsock socket interface.
CXLS.ZIP3894Sep 30 1993C++ Routine to access Excel Data.
C_ALL.ZIP486334Dec 3 1992All Borland Tech notes for C++ dled from their BBS.
DB3-LIB.ZIP157194May 12 1994This library is intended to allow Borland C++ programs to create, write and manipulate databases and indexes in db3 format.
DDL4VB.ZIP3294Sep 8 1992These files demonstrate how to make a simple DLL with BC++ 3.1.
DLGDRAW.ZIP2580Dec 4 1992TV example of changing the text in a dialog box by sending a message from the idle loop and redrawing the text. Also changes the text colors.
DLLSTRNG.ZIP23971Apr 2 1994Example DLL with MSC v7 source. This is a DLL implementation of a string.
DLLTIMER.ZIP49152Apr 2 1994Example DLL with MSC v7 source for implementing timers in Windows apps.
DLOCK.ZIP167383Feb 7 2006Executable and C++ source code for "diamond" encryption algorithm.
DSKSTR.ZIP15152Mar 20 1992Create persistent object to disk. Borland C++ TV code.
DYNARR.ZIP1600Jun 30 1993Dynamic Arrays in C++ using template (BC++ 3.0 and Up).
EBKSRC.ZIP55897Jul 31 1991C++ source code for Electronic Book hypertext program.
EDITSTR.ZIP3203Jan 14 1992Get input string, with VMS-style input line editing and get previous command-scrolling. C++ source code.
EMODAL.ZIP3601Aug 31 1992Modal dialog boxes in Turbo Vision 2.0.
EMSCL1.ZIP19535Jan 18 1994C++ Class for transparent array access to EMS memory, shareware version limited to 1Mb memory.
EVENT1.ZIP9631Jan 13 1993Add keystroke/mouse event logic to your C++ program. Source.
EVMEM.ZIP2621May 19 1993EMS/Virtual/Conventional memory class for C++.
EXECWA.ZIP8015Jul 16 1992Borland C++ OWL example of task spawning technique.
EXPR.ZIP63047Apr 5 1994Expression evaluator with C++ source.
FARSTR.ZIP21272Jan 22 1993For Borland. If you have a large number of character constants in your code you can run out of DGROUP space. This routine puts the character strings in a form which will go onto the Heap instead of DGROUP segment.
FIXDISK.ZIP1256Feb 7 1992Text file from Borland tells you how to order the Turbo CPP for Windows patch diskette to fix bugs in TCWIN 1.0.
GCONIO.ZIP7996Mar 30 1991Replace BGI text functions with conio.h-style functions. For Turbo/Borland C/C++.
GETCLIP.ZIP2486Dec 7 1993Borland C++ for Windows example to get information from the clipboard.
GNUGPPFQ.ZIP22888Feb 2 1993Frequently Asked Questions about GNU C++ (g++) for January 1993.
GRIDWI.ZIP106333May 1 1994MFC VC++ class library. GridWiz ver 1.0 demo. Grid class (shareware).
GUILIB20.ZIP333256Jan 17 1993Reinhart Assoc. GUI lib for Borland C++.
GUI_LIBR.ZIP238455Apr 7 1993Complete GUI interface toolkit for C\C++.
HIERLIST.ZIP58750Dec 19 1993Hierarchical List Box for the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) 2.0.
HTIMER.ZIP36962Nov 17 1992Hi resolution timer class for Borland C++.
IBMCPLUS.ZIP13482May 4 1993IBM C++ announcment.
IDIOMS.ZIP92689Dec 4 1991C++ code for "Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms"
INTSET.ZIP4604Aug 2 1992Positive integer set, for C++, with source.
ISAM100.ZIP253732May 19 1993C++ ISAM DB for Borland and MSC.
ISC36.ZIP128503Mar 28 1993Borland C++ class for TSR/ISR generation. Freeware.
ISRCPP.ZIP6808Oct 27 1992BC++ class for ISR (interrupt handlers) that are instance specific.
JCOOL01.ZIP442281Jan 24 1993JCOOL version 0.1. C++ library of basic data structures. Full source code and example/test code too. Implemented via C++ 3.0 Templates.
JCOOLDOC.ZIP10859Jan 24 1993Documentation for jcool01, C++ library of basic data structures. This library uses C++ 3.0 Templates, and was developed on Borland C++ 3.1. This doc file was intended to help people to find out what this library is all abo
LABYTE.ZIP8393May 8 1992C++ memory management routines.
LCKOWL.ZIP151942Dec 7 1992Borland C++ OWL MDI class that supports status line, toolbar, and toolbox.
LED.ZIP35802Nov 10 1991Borland C++ OWL example of a TWindow derived type that displays an LED digit in a child window.
LIBSPLIT.ZIP29890Mar 9 1993Given C source and .LIB file, creates .LIB file with smaller component .OBJ files -- result = smaller executables that link with the .LIB.
LISS.ZIP1389May 7 1992This is C++ code for Lissajous figures.
LOGO2.ZIP19686May 13 1993Borland Technical Information note on using "splash screens" in OWL.
LVSWIN31.ZIP90485Mar 2 1993LVS Windows (tm) v3.1 - The C++ Window Class System.
MAKEREZ.ZIP1135Dec 23 1993Make a resource file in Turbo Vision C++.
MCILIB.ZIP11124Apr 13 1993C++ class hierarchy for Windows multimedia objects using MCI.
MDIBAR.ZIP2548Oct 21 1992Add toolbar to MDI windows in BC++.
MDIDLG.ZIP12727Jul 2 1992Borland C++ OWL example of keyboard handling within child dialogs in an OWL MDI app.
MEMCORRP.ZIP12587Feb 25 1992Memory Corruption article from Borland's BBS re: C/C++ programs.
MERGSORT.ZIP9077Sep 14 1993List-based MergeSort Example from the upcoming book Practical Algorithms in C++.
MFCREF.ZIP15237Aug 8 1993Microsoft MFC foundation class reference files (ver 2.0).
MFCTIPS.ZIP21106Nov 1 1993MFX Microsoft Foundation Class Library Extensions.
MONEYCPP.ZIP4385Mar 25 1992Money Class in Borland C++ 3.0. Handles numbers in currency format.
MOUSPP30.ZIP49285Feb 23 1992Mouse++ Version 3.0 - Mouse interface class for Borland/Turbo C++. Features include user-installable event handler, buffered events, enhanced multi-click detection, graphics & text mode demo, and full source code.
MSGS.ZIP2534Feb 25 1992Example message passing between a TListBox and a TView, so that the TView can display the current selection in the TListBox.
MSTEXT2.ZIP31023Mar 7 1994Microsoft C++ source code to view a file in WIndows 3.x. Downloaded from the Microsoft BBS.
MTH-CPP.ZIP14860Mar 28 1991C++ Source for numerical algorithms.
MTL100JE.ZIP60540May 6 1993Multi-threaded C++ library for Borland C++.
NETBMFC.ZIP8940Jun 22 1993Microsoft Foundation class routines for NETBIOS access, C++ source code.
NEURCSP.ZIP61915Oct 1 1990This is a 3-layer, maximally-connected neural network that uses the sigmoid function, backpropagation with momentum, and a stochastic update strategy. Borland C++ source code.
NEWMAT07.ZIP115725Apr 8 1993The latest version of the NEWMAT C++ matrix library. It is large and relatively complex but powerful.
NEWTK200.ZIP35053Mar 17 1993C++ library and routines for memory management.
NOPAUSE.ZIP2956Jun 26 1991C++ source code to disable the pause key on extended keyboards.
O2MBAR.ZIP101689May 21 1994OWL 2.0 Menubar example with source (Borland C++).
OBJEAS2A.ZIP248904Dec 29 1992C++ class library for text and graphics mode UI. Part 1 of 2.
OBJEAS2B.ZIP234346Dec 29 1992C++ class library for text and graphics mode UI. Part 2 of 2.
ODLBOX.ZIP7011Mar 7 1992Borland C++ OWL example of owner draw list boxes.
ODRBTN.ZIP5935Jun 23 1992Borland C++ OWL example of owner draw radio buttons.
OMEGA2.ZIP200676Apr 25 1992Class library for text based user interface.
OOPSVEC.ZIP54352Aug 24 1989Glockenspiel CommonView C++ source code that adds; Vectors ( bit, int and double), Exception handling( uses setjmp etc.), Arrays of Chars ( superclass of String).
OOSTRI.ZIP4240Mar 29 1992C++ source for string class.
OS2MBOX.ZIP4927Dec 2 1993OS/2 C++ inplementation of mailboxes (QUEUES).
OS2SDI.ZIP5275Nov 26 1993OWL 2.0 Application for Borland C++ 4.0.
OUTVBX.ZIP42804Mar 2 1994Microsoft visual C++ sample program.
OWL.ZIP106388Feb 1 1994ObjectWindows 2.0 example (BC++ 4.0).
OWLBWCC.ZIP87169Jun 10 1992Borland C++ OWL example of using the Borland Custom Controls.
OWLDBG.ZIP874552Mar 19 1993From Borland's BBS Debug version of the OWL library.
OWLDLGS.ZIP29420May 29 1992Borland C++ OWL dialog box examples.
OWLLOGO.ZIP17802Jan 19 1993OWL Logo programming BC++ 3.1.
OWLQNA.ZIP9425Apr 30 1992Questions and Answers about Borland's C++ Compiler.
OWLRIBBN.ZIP8698Feb 15 1992Borland C++ OWL example of a ribbon bar.
PARESW.ZIP30079Jul 20 1993Paul Wheaton string class parser.
PARSE2.ZIP1359Dec 26 1993Parser written in C++.
PIC_8259.ZIP12444Mar 8 1994C++ class and description of the 8259 programmable interrupt controller.
PMDOSEXT.ZIP102317Aug 4 1993A homebrew virtual heap extender for Borland C++ programmers.
POPMNU.ZIP10804Feb 3 1994Popup menu app in OWL 2.0 BC++ 4.0.
POPUP1.ZIP2231Oct 6 1991Turbo Vision for C++ popup programming example.
PRIVDLG.ZIP10472May 20 1993A Visual C ++ MFC sample program.
PVUPDATE.ZIP76557Jun 15 1993Patch from Borland for Protogen shipped with Turbo C++ for Windows Visual Edition.
PXBEN.ZIP25048May 17 1991C++ classes for Paradox engine. Includes C++ source code.
PXEWIN.ZIP66756Feb 27 1992Windows viewer for Paradox tables, C++ source code only.
READREZ.ZIP1303Dec 23 1993Read a resource file in Turbo Vision C++.
RIBBON.ZIP8698Feb 15 1992CPP source and executable showing how to build a tool/speed-bar using Turbo C for Windows and the ObjectWindows class library.
RIPT16.ZIP127426Apr 29 1994MFC VC++ class library. RIPTabs, Tabs dialog class (Shareware).
SAVEPAL.ZIP1122Nov 28 1991Example code for Turbovision/C++. Save the pallette.
SAVPAR.ZIP3026May 22 1994Save parameters to .EXE file. ( From Borland Forum on CIS).
SBBTREE.ZIP11887Feb 9 1992Self Balancing Fully Populated Binary Tree Container Class. C++ source code.
SECRETS1.ZIP1057029Sep 29 1992Disk 1 of Secrets of the Borland C++ Masters.
SECRETS2.ZIP805769Sep 29 1992Disk 2 of Secrets of the Borland C++ Masters.
SERCOM.ZIP136915Dec 17 1992Source from the book "Serial Communications in C and C++" by Mark Goodman.
SERWIN.ZIP1612Nov 21 1991Sample BC++ for serial I/O under Windows.
SETBIT.ZIP60955May 13 1992Borland C++ OWL example of using bitmapped buttons.
SKP115C.ZIP41104Mar 31 1992Flat File Database API for Borland C++. DOS/Windows DLL.
SNAPAP.ZIP95211Mar 15 1993Quick Windows program shell generator for Borlands Object Windows Library.
STRINGV1.ZIP23365Aug 26 1993Yet Another String class for BC++. All source included. 1.0 Initial Release. Freeware.
STRPP31.ZIP36139Apr 18 1994A string class for C++.
STRX.ZIP39030May 19 1993String Class compatible with Borland container classes. High performance.
SVGACC20.ZIP215034Mar 11 1994SVGA graphics library for MS & Borland C/C++.
TBLH.ZIP4391Nov 2 1993Turbo Vision Listbox in C++.
TCTNT.ZIP139138Sep 9 1992Tips & Techniques for Turbo C++.
TDDEBUG.ZIP1277Jan 18 1993Updated Turbo debugger device driver TDDEBUG.386.
TEACHCPP.ZIP61460Apr 17 1990A bunch of example programs in C++.
TEMPLAT.ZIP1600Jun 1 1992Template Class in C++.
TESTSQL.ZIP19125Feb 11 1994ODBC SQL Class and test appliction. Others may find this usefull.
TFLD.ZIP14762Jan 24 1992Turbo Vision example of field data input ( C++ source).
TI1158.ZIP3231Nov 11 1992Borland BBS Tech Info - A modal dialog from a modal dialog with Turbo Vision.
TI1159.ZIP2635Nov 11 1992Borland BBS Tech Info - Greying Buttons with Turbo Vision.
TI1163.ZIP3221Jan 27 1993Borland BBS Tech Info - Streaming OWL Objects to disk.
TI1166.ZIP5076Mar 17 1993Borland BBS Tech Info - Customizing the attributes and style of a Window.
TI1167.ZIP3933Dec 29 1992Borland BBS Tech Info - Giving Edit Controls their own heap in OWL.
TI1170.ZIP2036Jan 6 1993Borland BBS Tech Info - Solving keyboard problems in the IDE (locked shift states).
TI1299.ZIP3224Mar 29 1993Borland Technical Information note on accessing XMS memory from Turbo C++ and Borland C++.
TI1398.ZIP935Jul 14 1993From Borland BBS. C++ NewsLetter.
TI1533.ZIP1557Jul 14 1993From Borland BBS. C++ newletter.
TI1544.ZIP951Jul 19 1993Borland BBS C++ newsletter.
TI1547.ZIP1116Jul 21 1993From Borland BBS. C++ newsletter.
TI1769.ZIP2393Jan 13 1994How to manually install Borland C++ 4.0 from CD-Rom.
TI1783.ZIP3823Mar 8 1994Technical Info Bulletin # 1783 from Borland about AN EXAMPLE OF PRINTING IN WINDOWS.
TI8502.ZIP4484Apr 27 1993Borland Technical Information notes -- Borland C++ Language News Volume 1 Number 2.
TI8503.ZIP3936May 3 1993Borland's Technical Information notes -- Borland C++ Language News Volume 1 Number 3.
TI8504.ZIP5021May 10 1993Borland Technical Information notes -- Borland C++ Language News Volume 1 Number 4.
TI8506.ZIP6376Jun 7 1993Borland Technical Information note -- C++ Language News Volume 1 Number 7.
TIMERCNT.ZIP50576Jun 2 1992Borland C++ OWL example of using Windows timers.
TLIB30.ZIP23032Sep 22 1992Patch for BC++ 3.1 TLIB Utility. Fixes "BAD OBJECT FILE RECORD" error. This will fix Rogue Waves TOOLS.H++ v5.x DLL bug. From Borlands BBS.
TOOLOWL.ZIP15050Apr 22 1992Borland C++ OWL example of a toolbar.
TOOLTIPB.ZIP81837Jun 27 1994C++ source to add tool tips to windows tool bar.
TPICTURE.ZIP5107Nov 17 1991Turbovision for C++ coding examples.
TPXCLA.ZIP11130Dec 11 1991Paradox Engine classes for Turbo CPP with source code.
TPXCLASS.ZIP11152Dec 11 1991C++ class definitions for the Paradox Engine.
TSR100JE.ZIP72427Mar 22 1993C++ source for a TSR class (hotkey or timer popup).
TUBESRC.ZIP21665Jan 28 1994Fly through a tube -- C source included.
TVLIST.ZIP3360Oct 23 1992Example of derived TListViewer for Turbo Vision.
TVMEMCHK.ZIP3774Nov 26 1992Check for memory leaks in Turbo Vision 2.0.
TVMODAL.ZIP3516Mar 31 1993Modal dialog boxes in Turbo Vision 2.0.
TVRW.ZIP149422Feb 7 1993TVRW will enable you to create dialogs as persistent objects, saving them to disk and reading them in at runtime.
TVTIMER.ZIP2962Apr 20 1992Turbo Vision C++ timed dialog box.
VALIDATE.ZIP3217Jan 5 1993Field validation in ObjectWindows ( BC++ 3.1).
VBXWIZRD.ZIP60491Jun 19 1993Visual C++ MFC tool to help manage VB custom controls.
VC20.ZIP4383May 5 1994Windows Write file from CompuServe about Visual C++ 2.0 beta test program.
VCCRT1.ZIP472954Feb 28 1994Disk 1 of C run-time library source for Visual C++ for Windows.
VCCRT2.ZIP453597Feb 28 1994Disk 2 of the C run-time library source for Visual C++ for Windows.
VCPCH1.ZIP92530Mar 11 1993Patch for Microsoft Visual C/C++ 1.0 for Windows.
VECTBALL.ZIP38956Jan 11 1994Neat "mini-demo" of vector balls. Comes with C++ source code.
VECTOR2.ZIP8463Dec 3 1992Vector2 is sample C++ code that implements a vector addition like language. Includes code for parsing, vector manipulation, etc.
VIR-V203.ZIP142007Jul 11 1992Virtual array class for C++. Swaps to disk and XMS.
VLIST.ZIP144884Jul 3 1992C++ example for browsing dBASE compatible database using CodeBase library.
VMEMPP.ZIP15233Sep 21 1992C++ class for virtual memory (conventional, disk, EMS).
VMVCPP.ZIP95729Jan 27 1994Source code for the Virtual Memory portion of Visual C++ v 1.0 & v 1.5's run time.
VSCAN.ZIP5173Mar 9 1992Borland C++ OWL front end for virus scan.
VXBC15.ZIP32329Mar 25 1992Turbo C++ source code for Vxbase Windows dbase library for Visual Basic.
WHEATLIB.ZIP121172Oct 21 1992Extensive C++ String class library.
WICS.ZIP371984Mar 5 1993Excellent custom windows controls for Borland C++.
WINCPP.ZIP38314Nov 25 1991MS Windows classes for Borland C++, with source code.
WINMORT.ZIP58209Jan 12 1992Borland C++ OWL application program for calculating mortgages.
WIZTOOL.ZIP37121Sep 23 1993CASE tool to create Client/Server apps. Generates generic C++ source.
WLIB.ZIP83494May 30 1994Wheaton's Library Excellent set of classes for Borland C++ 3.1.
WLIB0393.ZIP74286Feb 27 1993Foundation class library with linked lists, strings, etc. for C++.
WNCLASS2.ZIP6902May 28 1991An update to the WINCLAS.ZIP file which provides a C++ MS Windows class for programming with Borland C++.
WXWINDWS.ZIP3392Mar 13 1993Information on WxWindows package (available on Internet via FTP). WxWindows is a toolkit for developing Windows 3 and XView applications from the same body of C++ code.
XMS_200.ZIP21821Sep 17 1991C++ library for XMS 2.0 includes Spec for XMS 2.0.
XSHP15.ZIP37116Jan 12 1992Source for 3-D graphics in C++.
YAMP15.ZIP116988Aug 22 1992Yet Another Matrix Package. Includes C++ source code only. Version 1.5.
ZINCDEMO.ZIP322108Feb 15 1993Demo of Zinc Application Frameworks for C++. Includes EXEs for DOS (grpahics and text), Windows 3.x, and OS/2.
ZPP10.ZIP12667Apr 3 1992Z++ Version 1.0 - Complex number class for Borland/Turbo C++. Includes demo program, an FFT application, and full source code.
ZPPMAT.ZIP12667Apr 3 1992C++ complex number class source code for fft and more.