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C++ library for XMS 2.0 includes Spec for XMS 2.0.
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C++ library for XMS 2.0 includes Spec for XMS 2.0.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The following files are included in this group :

README .1ST - This File you are reading now.

XMS_200.DOC - XMS Specification Version 2.00
XMS_200.C - A C interface to XMS Memory
XMS_200.H - The Header file for XMS_200.C

XMS_200.OB? - OBJ Files for Small/Medium/Compact/Large/Huge Models
compiled under Turbo C++ Version 1.00.
The Small model OBJ can also be used for Tiny Model

The above software is free of charge, but would apprciate a donation of any
size for the furthering of this and other Software. (See list bellow)

Please send all donations addressed to :

Fernando M. I. Carreiro
TriHex Universal Systems
21 Jordaan Street
Boksburg 1459

You can also contact me by Telephone to exchange Ideas, etc.

Tel : (011) 892-1663 (ask for Fernando Jr.) (Republic of South Africa)

The following list is of current software being developed, some of which
may already be out on several BBS's. You will find them mainly on the
following BBS's in Republic of South Africa.

BBS : VC-Compters BBS - (011) 435-9946 (Full free use - Our Own)
Sysop : Joaquim Incio
Hours : 20h00 - 08h00, 7 Days a week
Speed : 1200/2400

Golden City BBS - (011) 403-1756/7
Digitec BBS - (011) 476-7136
PC-2-PC BBS - (011) 391-2349

Software :

for Borland Turbo Assembler (Version 2.00)
Borland Turbo C (Version 2.00)
Borland Turbo C++ (Version 1.00)
Nantucket Clipper (Summer '87)
Nantucket Clipper (Version 5.01)

Memory Interfaces :

EMS Interface in C and C++ (EMS Version 3.20)
EMS Interface in C and C++ (EMS Version 4.00)
XMS Interface in C and C++ (XMS Version 2.00)
HMA Interface in C and C++ (DOS Version 5.00)
UMB Interface in C and C++ (DOS Version 5.00)

Mouse Interfaces :

Text Interface for Clipper
Text/Graphics Interface for C and C++

Menu/Windows Interface :

Text/Graphics Menus/Windows for C, C++ and Clipper

Many Others :

MIDI, SoundBlaster, Multitasking, Compilers/Uncompilers,
Packet Radio, AX.25, TCP/IP, Modem, Laser Printers,
Graphics, Muscic, etc.

Contact me ... I will see what I have or currently busy on.

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