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C++ source code for Electronic Book hypertext program.
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C++ source code for Electronic Book hypertext program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CMDLN.CPP 6193 2311 deflated
CMDLN.HPP 724 422 deflated
EB.CPP 2736 1249 deflated
EB1.CPP 4651 1488 deflated
EB1.HPP 4557 1648 deflated
EB2.CPP 14532 3792 deflated
EB2.HPP 3242 1381 deflated
EB3.CPP 5874 1783 deflated
EB3.HPP 5145 1577 deflated
EB4.CPP 4305 1453 deflated
EB4.HPP 1406 690 deflated
EBDEF.HPP 1136 515 deflated
FLEXLIST.CPP 17154 3720 deflated
FLEXLIST.HPP 6414 2158 deflated
PCCURSOR.CPP 542 376 deflated
PCCURSOR.HPP 1290 602 deflated
PCDIR.CPP 2388 887 deflated
PCDIR.HPP 538 330 deflated
PCFRAME.CPP 3528 1207 deflated
PCFRAME.HPP 1823 865 deflated
PCKEY.CPP 936 502 deflated
PCKEY.HPP 7875 2228 deflated
PCLED.CPP 6767 2054 deflated
PCLED.HPP 1384 616 deflated
PCPUT2.CPP 1932 750 deflated
PCPUT2.HPP 1060 591 deflated
PCVIDEO.CPP 2571 862 deflated
PCVIDEO.HPP 1666 742 deflated
PCWIN.CPP 3670 1457 deflated
PCWIN.HPP 1826 837 deflated
PICKFILE.CPP 5430 1871 deflated
PICKFILE.HPP 2151 1020 deflated
PICKLIST.CPP 6611 1945 deflated
PICKLIST.HPP 2822 1107 deflated
README.DOC 3078 1431 deflated

Download File EBKSRC.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

EB Source Code for Borland C++

Thank you for taking the time to down load the source
code of EB, the Electronic Book. You should find EB.EXE
on the BBS in file EB.ZIP. Besure to take the time to
run EB.EXE and its tutorial before attempting to make
sense of the source code here. I compiled the final
version of EB inside Borland C++ IDE without debug
information, inline functions inline, standard stack
frame, floating point emulation, smart virtual function
tables, and otherwise standard optimization for the small
memory model. I also used the flexlist library which
isn't supplied here. Use the flexlist source instead
which should make your EB.EXE alitte larger by about two


The version of EB.EXE I compiled is freeware, meaning
that there is no fee for using EB.EXE, but you must leave
my copyright notice intact! Shareware/Freeware
distributors are also free to distribute it. Commercial
venders may bundle EB.EXE (unmodified) with their
software without cost but in any literature mentioning it
they must give proper credit to PSW! Licensing is
required for other uses, e.g. you must register FlexList
to incorporate components of EB into your software.

FlexList II ANSI && K&R C$79.95
FlexList II C++$79.95

* Ready-to-run C/C++ linked lists.
* Hybrid structure: stack, queue, list, array.
* Stores Heterogeneous/homogeneous data.
* Accessible by value, reference or node.
* Source is also broken in separate files along
with makefile for easy library building.
* 100+ page manual

FlexList is also available at a discount from:

The Austin Code Works
11100 Leafwood Lane
Austin, Texas 78750-3587 USA

Voice: (512) 258-0785
FAX: (512) 258-1342
E-mail: [email protected]

Thanks again for taking a look at EB and how easy it is
to use FlexList in building applications! I hope you can
use EB.EXE in your shareware/commercial efforts to supply
hypertext manuals to your customers. Your comments,
suggestions, and questions are always welcome.

John W. Small
PSW / Power SoftWare
P.O. Box 10072
McLean, VA 22102 8072 USA

Voice: (703) 759-3838
CIS: 73757,2233

You are free to use source code designated as Freeware.
All I ask is that you leave my copyright and company
notices intact. The following is a breakdown of EB's
source code:


picklistshareware, part of flexlist
pickfileshareware, part of flexlist
ebshareware, part of flexlist
eb1shareware, part of flexlist
eb2shareware, part of flexlist
eb3shareware, part of flexlist
eb4shareware, part of flexlist

Happy programming!


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