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Borland C++ OWL of using Win 3.1 common dialog boxes.
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Borland C++ OWL of using Win 3.1 common dialog boxes.
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DLGTEST.CPP 19974 4084 deflated
DLGTEST.EXE 100391 30282 deflated
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DLGTEST.PRJ 7165 1450 deflated
DLGTEST.RC 3228 555 deflated
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README.TXT 1591 862 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

I decided to kill THREE birds with one stone:
Learn C++, Learn OWL, and Learn to use COMMDLG.DLL.

COMMDLG.DLL is Microsofts Common Dialog DLL which came with one
of their products. I don't know which one, but I think it was
QuickC for Windows. COMMDLG will be packaged and documented with
Windows 3.1 SDK. It is currently undocumented. Nevertheless, I
was determined to make some use of it.

COMMDLG.LIB was produced my IMPLIB.EXE, so I don't think its inclusion
here can violate any copyright laws.

DLGTEST.CPP is my first C++ program, my first OWL program, but not my
first Windows program. I did not mention the "firsts" in the file abstract
because then you may not have downloaded it and you would not know of the
following solicitation for information. (I, for one, generally don't
download files that say "my first..." in their abstracts.)

If anyone finds out any of the COMMDLG.H values that are missing, or any
corrections, please mail them to me. I do not guarantee the accuracy
of any of the information presented in the source files, especially
not those lines with question marks.

To run the program, select a COMMDLG dialog you wish to explore
from the File, Edit, or Options menu. Since I was only interested
in Open, Save As, Print, and Choose Font, these are the only selections
that are implemented. Select Get Flags... to set the 32 bit flag variable,
in hexadecimal. (Shoulda called it Set Flags...) Invoke... then calls the
COMMDLG function. Update Error just calls CommDialogExtendedError().

Reinhold Gerharz 70662,2262

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