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Paradox table browser with Turbo CPP source code. Uses Paradox Engine.
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Paradox table browser with Turbo CPP source code. Uses Paradox Engine.
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Contents of the BR.DOC file

BR v1.7

a Paradox Table Browser

Copyright (c) 1991
Lake View Software

September 27, 1991

BR is a useful utility which demonstrates the use of LVS Windows with
Borland's Paradox Engine. C++ source is included.

This is freeware. You may use BR any way you like, with one condition.
You are not allowed to sell any part of BR. Feel free to send me any
enhancements you make to BR and I'll make changes to the master copy
for redistribution.


- Open an browse/edit any Paradox table.
- View/Print the structure of a Paradox table.
- Encrypt/Decrypt a Paradox table.
- Create new Paradox tables.
- Use mouse to resize/move any window with a border.
- Use mouse to make menu selections and move in data entry fields.
- Output the structure of a PX table to a disk file.


BR [/B] [/M] [/S [] ]

/B = force bios video writes.
/M = force mono colors.
/S = print paradox file structure. In file is required. If
no out file is given the structure is printed to the screen.
The screen output can be redirected.
/? = display usage screen.


- To recompile you must have the following:
- Turbo C++ 1.0+ || Borland C++ 2.0+
- Borland's Paradox Engine.
- LVS Windows 3.0 or greater (Large Memory Model).

Heres the LVS Windows Plug

LVS Windows can be purchased:

through PsL @ 1-800-2424-PsL
ref item #10224

or direct from Lake View Software
4321 Harborough Rd.
Columbus, OH 43220

CompuServe [70004,524]

Cost: $50.00 + 4.00 s&h
includes full C++ source code.
See latest version on CompuServe in BPROGB


Paradox, Borland, Turbo C++, and Borland C++
are trademarks of Borland International.

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