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Borland C++ OWL example of using Windows timers.
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Borland C++ OWL example of using Windows timers.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1FJune 1 1992

This program counts the system timers you have available. It does this by allocating timers until a failure occurs. A count is kept and displayed. If you know of a better way, please let me know.


Features that I saw in other "STATUS" applications such as

Always on top
Using the system menu
Animating the icon
Using different icons to show application status
Toggling beep status

were actually the hard part.

The only part that is somewhat convoluted is the system menu decoding. I converted the idea from Tom Swan's Turbo Pascal for Windows book. Personally, and if you know some Pascal, you might want to read it. I think it's much better than the Norton/Yao C++ Windows book.

// rev 1.4 fixes this problem
The program does have one known problem. It doesn't stay iconic when activated through program manager's task list. If you have a solution please let me know.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, or problems let me know. This software
is presented "AS IS" and at no charge. If you modify the source, take my name out of the ABOUT box!!!!!

Maybe your smarter than I am. But, be careful with the types of resources in the dialog box. I used some BORLAND resources and had a heck of a time figuring out what was happening. It would work only when a Borland app was running and the appropiate DLL was loaded.

You will need to modify the directory path in the project file. I use subst drives for some of libs and includes. I copy them to ram disk to speed compiles and links.

I can be contacted through COMPUSERVE Ed Barnes 74730,1111

Version 1.4 revision list is documented in the source.

You will need to modify the directory path in the projwtpmFiVXZuw%<>\^qs468DFHs Arial

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