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C++ source to add tool tips to windows tool bar.
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C++ source to add tool tips to windows tool bar.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAINFRM.CPP 3680 1194 deflated
MAINFRM.H 1203 513 deflated
README.TXT 1110 592 deflated
RESOURCE.H 764 326 deflated
STDAFX.CPP 204 127 deflated
STDAFX.H 299 174 deflated
TIP_TDOC.CPP 1758 605 deflated
TIP_TDOC.H 951 449 deflated
TIP_TDOC.ICO 768 183 deflated
TIP_TEST.CLW 2908 844 deflated
TIP_TEST.CPP 3779 1423 deflated
TIP_TEST.DEF 356 243 deflated
TIP_TEST.EXE 107536 57489 deflated
TIP_TEST.H 833 425 deflated
TIP_TEST.ICO 768 205 deflated
TIP_TEST.MAK 3686 1092 deflated
TIP_TEST.RC 11640 2671 deflated
TIP_TEST.RC2 1553 657 deflated
TIP_TVW.CPP 2368 798 deflated
TIP_TVW.H 1296 568 deflated
TOOLBAR.BMP 1200 355 deflated
TOOLTIPB.CPP 10948 4054 deflated
TOOLTIPB.H 6243 2508 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

The CToolTipBar class provides ToolTips and FlyBy functionality for
applications that normally derive or instantiate their toolbars from
the CToolBar class in MFC. This is a direct replacement for CToolBar
and its use is identical, with the exception of enhancements to support
ToolTips and FlyBy's.

All source code included with this package is PUBLIC DOMAIN and is NOT
copyrighted in any way.

See TOOLTIPB.CPP and TOOLTIPB.H for implementation and documentation.
See TIP_TEST.EXE for an example of the CToolTipBar class in action.

This sample application is coded as a MFC application. It was generated
by AppWizard and very few modifications were made. Code specific to
CToolTipBar are the last several lines of MAINFRM.CPP. Instantiating a
CToolTipBar class is shown in MAINFRM.H.

Please let me know what you think. See the About Box for more information.

Todd Osborne

INTERNET: [email protected]

MFC and AppWizard are copyright and registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation. ToolTips may be copyright by Microsoft, but I could not find
any specific reference to this.

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