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Borland C++ OWL example of using the Borland Custom Controls.
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Borland C++ OWL example of using the Borland Custom Controls.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BDDVTBTN.CPP 4996 1353 deflated
BDDVTBTN.PRJ 5095 1006 deflated
BDDVTBTN.RC 2002 618 deflated
BDEFCASE.CPP 4212 1180 deflated
BDEFCASE.PRJ 6409 1421 deflated
BDEFCASE.RC 1998 621 deflated
BDEFPROC.CPP 2768 916 deflated
BDEFPROC.PRJ 6409 1421 deflated
BDEFPROC.RC 1968 601 deflated
BDEFRANG.CPP 2774 893 deflated
BDEFRANG.PRJ 6409 1422 deflated
BDEFRANG.RC 1987 616 deflated
BTN1000.BMP 1380 169 deflated
BTN3000.BMP 1380 190 deflated
BTN5000.BMP 1380 190 deflated
BWBUTTON.CPP 2506 813 deflated
BWBUTTON.PRJ 6409 1432 deflated
BWBUTTON.RC 1955 591 deflated
BWCCDLG.CPP 2506 811 deflated
BWCCDLG.PRJ 6408 1426 deflated
BWCCDLG.RC 1615 597 deflated
BWCCMSBX.CPP 12544 1850 deflated
BWCCMSBX.H 1084 344 deflated
BWCCMSBX.PRJ 6427 1438 deflated
BWCCMSBX.RC 2988 778 deflated
BWCDELAY.CPP 4016 1303 deflated
BWCDELAY.H 142 121 deflated
BWCDELAY.PRJ 6427 1431 deflated
BWCDELAY.RC 2590 838 deflated
BWCHECK.CPP 2057 683 deflated
BWCHECK.PRJ 6408 1420 deflated
BWCHECK.RC 1996 673 deflated
BWCIMALT.CPP 4730 1409 deflated
BWCIMALT.H 142 121 deflated
BWCIMALT.PRJ 6627 1492 deflated
BWCIMALT.RC 2188 751 deflated
BWCIMMED.CPP 4224 1278 deflated
BWCIMMED.H 142 121 deflated
BWCIMMED.PRJ 6427 1430 deflated
BWCIMMED.RC 2174 741 deflated
BWCKALL.CPP 6863 1902 deflated
BWCKALL.H 200 134 deflated
BWCKALL.PRJ 6657 1493 deflated
BWCKALL.RC 2465 781 deflated
BWMYBTN.CPP 3103 1016 deflated
BWMYBTN.PRJ 6408 1422 deflated
BWMYBTN.RC 2173 767 deflated
BWRADELY.CPP 4495 1284 deflated
BWRADELY.H 303 125 deflated
BWRADELY.PRJ 6427 1434 deflated
BWRADELY.RC 2948 872 deflated
BWRADIO.CPP 2057 683 deflated
BWRADIO.PRJ 6408 1421 deflated
BWRADIO.RC 2494 769 deflated
BWRPOINT.CPP 5418 1479 deflated
BWRPOINT.H 303 125 deflated
BWRPOINT.PRJ 6662 1511 deflated
BWRPOINT.RC 2945 862 deflated
BWSPLASH.CPP 2506 813 deflated
BWSPLASH.PRJ 6409 1423 deflated
BWSPLASH.RC 1137 519 deflated
BWSPLBIT.CPP 2506 812 deflated
BWSPLBIT.PRJ 6409 1421 deflated
BWSPLBIT.RC 1160 534 deflated
GO1.BMP 2194 134 deflated
GO3.BMP 2194 171 deflated
GO5.BMP 2194 171 deflated
OWL.DEF 117 91 deflated
OWLBWCC.DOC 3416 1299 deflated
OWLBWCC.GRP 23335 1058 deflated
SPLASH.BMP 30532 5601 deflated

Download File OWLBWCC.ZIP Here

Contents of the OWLBWCC.DOC file

OWLBWCC.DOC is a group of 18 examples of
using Borland Windows Custom controls in dialog boxes
with Borland C++ 3.0 and ObjectWindows.
These examples use dialog boxes instead of windows.
The Project files assume that the user has installed BC++ 3.0
on Drive C and used the default directories. If BC has been
installed somewhere else or under a different name, the options
directories will have to be modified in the .prj for each example
in order to get a good compile, build all.
Also included is an OWLBWCC.GRP file. To use it, copy it to the
Windows directory and activate it by choosing New Project from
the file menu under windows and give it the OWLBWCC.GRP group name.
If the examples are unzipped in a different directory then
then the properties of each item in the .GRP will have to be
changed to reflect the new directory.

Brief description of the examples follow.

BWCCDLG - shows how to create a basic BWCC dialog box with metal
background, grey group boxes, bumps and dips.
BWCCMSBX - Demonstrates all the predefined BWCC MessageBoxes.
BWBUTTON - Demonstrates all the BWCC special buttons
BDEFPROC - Shows how to add default processing for dialog box messages.
BDEFRANG - Shows how to override the default processing of dialog box
messages to add different processing for ranges of messages.
BDEFCASE - Shows how to override the default processing of dialog box
messages to add old style switch and case processing of
individual dialog box messages using OWL and BWCC.
BDDVTBTN - Shows how to use Dynamic Dispatch virtual tables to process
button messages under OWL. Also, shows how to override
default processing for OK and CANCEL buttons.
BWMYBTN - Shows how to add your own bitmaps to BWCC buttons to create
custom buttons of your own design.
BWSPLASH - Shows how to use a large custom button as a splash screen.
BWSPLIBT - Shows how to use a bitmap button as a splash screen.
BWCHECK - Shows how to set up BWCC check boxes so TAB and arrow keys
work correctly.
BWCIMMED - Shows how to do immediate process in response to a BWCC
check box. Also, shows how to use SendDlgItemMsg functions
to get the checked state of check boxes.
BWCIMALT - Shows how to get the checked state of check boxes using
pointers to controls within a dialog box.
BWCDELAY - Shows how to perform delayed processing of check boxes in
reply to an OK button, using SendDlgItemMsg functions to
get the status of the check boxes.
BWCKALL - Uses pointers for initializing and processing messages
for both immediate and delayed processing of check boxes.
BWRADIO - Show how to set up BWCC Radio buttons and group boxes so
that the TAB and arrow keys work correctly.
BWRADELY - Shows how to process radio button status using
SendDlgItemMsg functions.
BWRPOINT - Shows how to process radio button status using pointers
to radio buttons within a dialog box.

These 18 BWCC OWL dialog examples are released to the public domain.
Feel free to cut and paste the .CPP .RC and .H files into your own
programs without modifications.

Bob Bourbonnais 2/2/92

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