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Source code for the Virtual Memory portion of Visual C++ v 1.0 & v 1.5's run time.
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Source code for the Virtual Memory portion of Visual C++ v 1.0 & v 1.5’s run time.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALIAS.ASM 1065 435 deflated
ALLOC.C 13179 3500 deflated
BUILD.BAT 2541 929 deflated
DELLIBS.BAT 149 103 deflated
DELOBJS.BAT 397 141 deflated
EMS.ASM 1235 656 deflated
EMS.H 4188 966 deflated
EMS.INC 432 233 deflated
EMS.RSP 246 82 deflated
EMS40.ASM 214 143 deflated
EMS41.ASM 403 245 deflated
EMS42.ASM 527 272 deflated
EMS43.ASM 392 244 deflated
EMS44.ASM 402 228 deflated
EMS45.ASM 271 167 deflated
EMS46.ASM 505 312 deflated
EMS47.ASM 255 166 deflated
EMS48.ASM 267 169 deflated
EMS4B.ASM 399 243 deflated
EMS4C.ASM 437 266 deflated
EMS4D.ASM 493 280 deflated
EMS4E00.ASM 273 174 deflated
EMS4E01.ASM 296 190 deflated
EMS4E02.ASM 384 220 deflated
EMS4E03.ASM 542 326 deflated
EMS4F00.ASM 409 223 deflated
EMS4F01.ASM 324 198 deflated
EMS4F02.ASM 626 358 deflated
EMS50.ASM 716 341 deflated
EMS51.ASM 322 191 deflated
EMS5200.ASM 591 342 deflated
EMS5201.ASM 347 208 deflated
EMS5202.ASM 570 324 deflated
EMS5300.ASM 329 214 deflated
EMS5301.ASM 352 229 deflated
EMS5400.ASM 769 376 deflated
EMS5401.ASM 454 278 deflated
EMS5402.ASM 383 235 deflated
EMS55.ASM 480 283 deflated
EMS56.ASM 454 264 deflated
EMS5602.ASM 423 256 deflated
EMS5700.ASM 314 196 deflated
EMS5701.ASM 330 201 deflated
ERROR.H 274 151 deflated
J 454 121 deflated
LEGAL.TXT 1889 916 deflated
LISTMGT.C 3746 866 deflated
LOAD.C 1676 684 deflated
LOCK.C 3686 1071 deflated
MAKEFILE 3374 779 deflated
MAKEFILE.EMS 2305 573 deflated
MAKEFILE.XMS 1855 525 deflated
MLLINK$.LNK 35 28 deflated
README.TXT 5327 2177 deflated
SIZE.C 1150 455 deflated
SIZE.EXE 9151 4699 deflated
STRIP.BAT 232 136 deflated
STUB.C 582 314 deflated
SYSTEM.H 767 310 deflated
TEMP 427 256 deflated
TEMP.TXT 114 94 deflated
VERSION.H 654 295 deflated
VERSION.INC 515 254 deflated
VFREE.C 4749 1638 deflated
VHEAP.C 2224 678 deflated
VHEAP.EXE 15753 8303 deflated
VM.C 11977 3339 deflated
VM.H 1895 616 deflated
VM.RSP 193 107 deflated
VMALLOC.C 7257 2395 deflated
VMASSERT.ASM 1172 431 deflated
VMASSERT.H 610 342 deflated
VMBM.H 2783 1015 deflated
VMDISK.C 4069 1203 deflated
VMEM.ASM 1274 444 deflated
VMEMORY.H 1595 598 deflated
VMEMS.C 8560 2115 deflated
VMFREE.C 2295 924 deflated
VMLIST.C 5929 1654 deflated
VMLIST.H 741 285 deflated
VMLOCK.C 1694 656 deflated
VMLOCKC.C 937 469 deflated
VMLOCKM.C 7262 2141 deflated
VMM.H 6734 1530 deflated
VMM.TXT 9895 3628 deflated
VMP.H 6090 1839 deflated
VMPHYS.C 15207 4061 deflated
VMPRINTF.ASM 1408 518 deflated
VMUTIL.ASM 13690 2925 deflated
VMXMS.C 6518 1636 deflated
VREALLOC.C 7658 2259 deflated
XMS.ASM 1086 549 deflated
XMS.H 3430 871 deflated
XMS.INC 377 210 deflated
XMS.RSP 133 57 deflated
XMS00.ASM 311 197 deflated
XMS01.ASM 337 210 deflated
XMS02.ASM 306 181 deflated
XMS03.ASM 282 176 deflated
XMS04.ASM 286 177 deflated
XMS05.ASM 278 176 deflated
XMS06.ASM 282 177 deflated
XMS07.ASM 337 220 deflated
XMS08.ASM 483 252 deflated
XMS09.ASM 442 256 deflated
XMS0A.ASM 329 205 deflated
XMS0B.ASM 405 236 deflated
XMS0C.ASM 442 259 deflated
XMS0D.ASM 337 205 deflated
XMS0E.ASM 572 294 deflated
XMS0F.ASM 423 237 deflated
XMS10.ASM 512 273 deflated
XMS11.ASM 356 212 deflated

Download File VMVCPP.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

DATE: 27/Jan/94

The purpose of this package is to provide Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 and 1.5
users the complete source code for the Virtual Memory Manager libraries which
were shipped in those versions of Visual C++. The code is identical except
for a fix made to a problem that occurs when allocating memory for the upper
memory blocks (vmphys.c).
These libraries contain several fixes to the libraries which were shipped
with Microsoft C/C++ v7.0.
MASM v6.00B, v6.10A or v6.11 should be used to build these libraries along
with VC++ v1.0 or v1.5.

*Some files included in this package:
readme.txt: This file.
build.bat: Builds VM.LIB.
delobjs.bat: Deletes your object files.
dellibs.bat: Deletes your library files.
strip.bat: Removes the all of the OBJ files from the designated .LIB
xms.rsp: Response file used in strip.bat.
ems.rsp: Response file used in strip.bat.
vm.rsp: Response file used in strip.bat.
vmm.txt: A document that discusses some aspects of the VMM.
legal.txt: Legal stuff.

The SRC directory contains all of the files used in VM.LIB. The
files in it use include files from the VM\H, VM\INC and the
\MSVC\INCLUDE directories.

*Building the libraries:

You must have both Microsoft C/C++, v7.0 or later and MASM 6.0 or
later installed in order to build these libraries.

In order to build VM.LIB, you should make sure your DOS environment
is set up for Visual C++ and MASM.

An example (minimal configuration):

SET PATH=c:\msvc\bin;c:\masm\bin
SET INCLUDE=c:\msvc\include
SET LIB=c:\msvc\lib

You will also have to have a VMDIR environment variable.
If you have installed the libraries under the c:\msvc\source\vm
directory VMDIR would be set like this,


To build the VM.LIB type,

BUILD {release | debug} ... from the C:\MSVC\SOURCE\VM directory.

VM.LIB will be put into the C:\MSVC\SOURCE\VM\OBJS directory.
NOTE that XMS.LIB and EMS.LIB will also created. These libraries
are included in VM.LIB and may be deleted.

BUILD NOTES: *****************************************************

1) If you find that all of the source files are in your current
working directory, remember to use the '-d' switch when you run
VM.EXE. The -d switch preserves the original directory structure,
relative to your current working directory. This is essential
to building this library.
2) BUILD.BAT will modify your environment. It also sets some
environment variables. You should probably have about 1K reserved
for your environment. If you are low on environment space you may
wish to increase it by modifying the SHELL command in your CONFIG.SYS
file. See your DOS manual for more information regarding the SHELL
3) The compiler options in BUILD.BAT are those that were used on
the shipping versions and are unchanged. There is some aggressive
optimization being done. At this time there are no known problems
with those optimizations. You may wish to use less aggressive

*Linking with VM.LIB



You may wish to link in VM.LIB into your programs, for testing purposes
without removing it from your main library. In order to avoid getting
Multiply Defined Symbols your link line should look like,

LINK TEST.OBJ,,,/noe /nod VM.LIB xLIBCE.LIB {Other libs};
(Note that VM.LIB is first in the listing.)


Copy strip.bat and ems.rsp, xms.rsp and vm.rsp into your C:\MSVC\LIB
directory. Copy your original XLIBCX.LIB to another directory
as a precaution.

STRIP LLIBCE ... This will remove the VM .OBJ's from LLIBCE.LIB


Microsoft sincerely hopes that you find these libraries a useful resource.

=========================< Additional Notes >==========================

- Microsoft Product Support Services offers limited customer
support to answer general questions about installing and building
unmodified sources.

- Several compiler warnings may be displayed during a build of the
run-time libraries. All of these warnings have been investigated
and can be ignored.

- We have tested these run-time library sources and found that they
are functionally equivalent to the shipping versions.

Nevertheless, you might find that certain LIBs and OBJs do not
binary-compare with the versions shipping with Visual C++. This is
due to a hardware or software configuration difference, or to using
a pre-production version of the tools for the shipping libraries.


You ARE NOT authorized to redistribute these library sources. You
may, however, redistribute the compiled binaries with the understanding
that Microsoft Corporation does not warrant or support them in any way.

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