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Patch from Borland for Protogen shipped with Turbo C++ for Windows Visual Edition.
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Patch from Borland for Protogen shipped with Turbo C++ for Windows Visual Edition.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PV.DL$ 51729 51485 deflated
PVWRKLIB.DL$ 23919 23800 deflated
README.TXT 1453 732 deflated

Download File PVUPDATE.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Readme file for ProtoGen 2.2 and PVUPDATE.ZIP

This file contains information on how to proplerly use and the DLL's therein.

To use the new DLL's :

1. unzip using UNZIP.EXE (located in the \BIN
directory of your Borland product).

unzip -x

2. copy the two compressed DLL's (pv.dl$ and pvwrklib.dl$)
to your ProtoGen 2.2 install disk.

3. delete ALL files and directories that ProtoGen previously
installed. (Unexpected results may occur if ALL the files
are not deleted before re-installation!)

4. place your ProtoGen 2.2 install disk in drive A or B and

File|Run--> setup.exe

5. You now have the new DLL's installed, and ProtoGen is ready
to run!


There is one change that must be made to the Project file
that ProtoGen generates. When you attempt to compile and link
your project, you must change the Linker options. The following

will explain the steps that must be taken to successfully link

1. in the IDE, choose:


2. set Container class Libraries, ObjectWindows Libraries, and
Standard Run-time Libraries to STATIC. Following this, choose
Options|Save and save these settings for the project.

Now you are ready to compile and link your files. Choose
Compile|Build all.

Happy Progamming!!

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