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MFC VC++ class library. RIPTabs, Tabs dialog class (Shareware).
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MFC VC++ class library. RIPTabs, Tabs dialog class (Shareware).
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Contents of the RIP_TABS.WRI file

1!&&&&&'RIPtabs Version 2.1
1993, 1994 By Jonathan Carroll

Welcome to RipTABS. This library is designed to provide you with an easy path to implementing the tab dialog interface that is becoming increasingly popular in the "Windows world".

Before installing the rest of RipTABS, please see the section in this document titled Installation.

RipTABS is available for both Windows 3.1 and Windows NT. Where instructions differ between the two versions, mention of the difference will be made.

Where to go from here
RipTABS was designed to be easy to make use of, but you should read through the help file provided because a few minutes now will save you hours of frustration later.

See the section entitled New And Improved for information about what is new in this version.

So what does it cost?
RipTABS is shareware. The version you have in your hands is a complete working version. There are no annoying reminder screens about what it costs, and there are no disabled features. (However, RipTABS copyright information appears in the title bar of any RipTABS dialog.) If however, you find this library useful and intend to use it in your own applications, the registration fee is $40 (US). If you don't think RipTABS is worth $40, send me mail (or email) and tell me why-- perhaps your suggestions will be incorporated in a future version.

Registered users get support via one of the methods listed below in the Where To Find Me section, a registered version of the library and any future updates. A printed manual is available for a nominal charge.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You may now register your copy of RipTABS via CompuServe. Simply type GO
SWREG at any CompuServe prompt and follow instructions. You may search for
RipBAR there by using the RIPTABS keyword.


Windows 3.1 & Windows NT
The ZIP file you got, should contain two files-- this one, and RIPT_LIB.ZIP.

To finish installing RipTABS, simply create a new directory anywhere on your system and extract all the files from RIPT_LIB.ZIP into it-- use the -d option (or whatever option your UnZip utility supports) to extract the files in the proper directory structures-- Building the sample application depends on the directory structure that has been set up for you in the ZIP file.

After extracting the files, there should be the RipTABS Windows Help file in a directory called HELP, the RipTABS library (either RIPTAB16.LIB or RIPTAB32.LIB depending on whether you got the Windows or Windows NT version) in a directory called LIB, the RipTABS include file in a directory called INCLUDE, and the sample code (including the executable file) in a directory called SAMPLE.

There will also be a CTL3D DLL in a directory called SYSTEM. If you don't already have the same file in your Windows SYSTEM directory or if the one you have is older than the one supplied here with RipTABS, move it to your SYSTEM (or SYSTEM32 in NT) directory.

New And Improved

For a complete history of version enhancements, consult the online Help file.

Where to find me
If you try / use RipBAR, I'd like to hear what you think. There are four ways to get ahold of me :

Conventional Mail
Jonathan Carroll
28 Parkland
Pointe Claire, Quebec

CompuServe (preferred method)
user id : 74017,3242

user id : J.H.CARROLL

E-Mail (Internet)
[email protected]

move it to your SYSTEM (or SYSTEM32 in NT) directory.

New And Improved

The following iswsokgc_[XT_N$$H$H44HH


\\\\\6\L\N\U\l\n\p\\*\\\\\\\6\L\N\U\l\n\p\\*Times New Romanhere are no annoying reminder screens about what it costs, and there are no disabled features. (However,

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