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Comand line parser for Borland C++.
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Comand line parser for Borland C++.
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Contents of the CMDLN.DOC file

Cmdln.cpp for Borland C++

Thank you for downloading The CmdLn
class provides you with an easy way to parse
command line parameters for your program.

Compile and run cmdln.cpp. The demo will explain
how to use the CmdLn class. The source code
is liberally commented for your convenience. To
use cmdln.cpp in your application be sure to
comment out "#define TEST_CMDLN_CPP" near the end
of the file.


If you find cmdln useful and are using it in your
applications, tell your friends. You don't need to
register cmdln -- it's freeware! All I ask is that
you leave my copyright notice intact!

Other Freeware Goodies available for Borland C++

pckeyPC keyboard class w/auto enhanced
gconio Graphics mode conio class
cmouse Mouse Driver class w/ intr handler

And Shareware

FlexList II ANSI && K&R C
FlexList II C++

* Ready-to-run C/C++ linked lists.
* Hybrid structure: stack,queue,list,array.
* Stores Heterogeneous/homogeneous data
* Eliminates the need for parameterized list
templates such as are proposed for
C++ in the future.

Thanks again!

John W. Small
CIS: 73757,2233

PSW / Power SoftWare
P.O. Box 10072
McLean, VA 22102 8072
(703) 759-3838

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