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C++ Source for numerical algorithms.
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C++ Source for numerical algorithms.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

These numerical algorithms are from the book "NUMERICAL ANALYSIS",

4th edition, by Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires. The examples provided

are also exercises from the book.

In order to reuse these classes, some modification to the source codes

are needed. It would be better to put the classes in a separate header file,

then include it in the source file. Although it looks strange to use the

class UserEquation as the base class and then derive the new class from it,

this is really the best way to reuse the code than the other way around.

The constructor of UserEquation has got to be well provided before using these

classes so that when it is inherited, things won't go out of control. In order to

take care of various problems, pointers to functions are used so that different

functions can be handled quite easily. Some problems may not have the exact

solutions available, this will need a little more work by writing another member

function or erasing the comparison parts to take care of the condition. The

constructor does everything in these classes so that when complex problems are

to be solved, several classes can be used without too much modification.

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