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A string class for C++.
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A string class for C++.
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STR.HIS 12274 4351 deflated

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Contents of the README file

String++ Version 3.1

Copyright (c)1994 by Carl Moreland

String++ is a string class for Borland C++ or TurboC++. The distri-
buted files are:

str.hheader file for String++
str.cppsource code for String++
str.docdocumentation file
str.hisrevision history
demo.cppdemo of string methods
regexp.*regular expression class
filestr.*FileString class
parsestr.*ParseString class
readmethis file

A demonstration of most of the string methods is contained in demo.cpp.
To run the demo, simply compile and link str.cpp, regexp.cpp, and

This software may be distributed and used according to the following

- You may modify this software in any way you see fit and use it for
any purpose you wish, including use in software that is sold for pro-

- All distributed copies of this software MUST be original and unmodi-
fied and include all files listed above. You may NOT distribute any
of the source code as part of another program.

- You may NOT charge any fee for this software, without written permis-
sion from the author, except for the case of electronic bulletin
boards which normally charge for connect time and for Public Domain/
Shareware/Freeware distributers which charge a nominal media and
handling fee.

- The author retains all rights to the source code and to the name

If you find String++ useful, a $10 contribution would be greatly appre-
ciated. Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are also welcomed. Send
them to:

Carl Moreland
4314 Filmore Rd
Greensboro, NC 27409

Internet: [email protected]
CompuServe: 72137,2657

For a faster response, CompuServe users should send questions, etc. to
the Internet address listed. This can be done in CompuServe mail by
using the address

INTERNET: [email protected]

The latest version of this software can be found on CompuServe in the
Borland C++ forum (GO BCPPDOS, Lib 6, or on Internet in the
Simtel20 archives ( or,

If you have an Internet address (which includes CompuServe members)
and you want a formatted PostScript version of str.doc, send me an
email message and I will send you the file. CompuServe members should
send the request to INTERNET:[email protected] using CompuServe
mail. Please do not leave the request on CompuServe.

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