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Foundation class library with linked lists, strings, etc. for C++.
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Foundation class library with linked lists, strings, etc. for C++.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXAMPLE1.C 360 239 deflated
EXAMPLE2.C 405 250 deflated
EXAMPLE3.C 454 261 deflated
FATAL.C 255 174 deflated
README 3164 1527 deflated
VECLOCAL.H 1356 631 deflated
WBASE.C 735 351 deflated
WBASE.H 3104 973 deflated
WBITS.H 9586 2546 deflated
WBITVEC.C 8470 1840 deflated
WBTRIEVE.C 3474 1237 deflated
WBTRIEVE.H 2159 900 deflated
WDOS.C 2185 697 deflated
WDOS.H 2127 772 deflated
WFILE.C 10855 2703 deflated
WFILE.H 10525 3339 deflated
WLIB.PRJ 8464 2004 deflated
WLINK.C 4236 872 deflated
WLINK.DOC 10399 3615 deflated
WLINK.H 5372 1188 deflated
WMISC.C 5289 1513 deflated
WMISC.DOC 11330 4315 deflated
WMISC.H 5627 2069 deflated
WOBJVEC.C 5120 1276 deflated
WSTR.C 21876 4360 deflated
WSTR.DOC 41670 13388 deflated
WSTR.H 10697 2266 deflated
WTIME.C 10707 2787 deflated
WTIME.DOC 2488 1222 deflated
WTIME.H 7134 1688 deflated
WVEC.C 19458 4373 deflated
WVEC.H 15219 3789 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Files you'll find in this zip file

*.DOC documention (see below)
*.H header files
W*.C the stuff you need to link in with
FATAL.C link in with this if you are not using WW
EXAMPLE?.C Some examples to help get you started
WLIB.PRJ the project file I use to build WLIB

note that there is no documentation for the vector classes or the file
classes. It should be a fairly straightforward task to interpret the
appropriate header files.

The documentation was, for the most part, written before the library was.
You would be miles ahead if you learned to read and interpret the header
files rather than relying on the documentation. The documentation is
included more for tutorial purposes than as a reference.

All of my source has a copyright on it, yet these libraries are really
closer to "public domain". I want people to feel free to pass it along,
include it in libraries that they use and sell with the idea that everyone
will have a common base for string, file, vector and linked list libraries.
I just don't want them modified without my consent (if you need something
different, why don't you inherit what you see?). I encourage that this
product be included with compilers, libraries, books and tutorials. Free.

These libraries are designed for optimal use in the cold, cruel world of
practical programming. It is my belief that the molding of C++ into a
SmallTalk environment kills the beauty of C++. I write object oriented
extensions to C++ that compiles very tight and fast while maintaining high
portability. If you want a SmallTalk-like environment, use SmallTalk! I
hope that this code allows all C++ programmers to develop smaller and
faster programs in less time.

If you are new to programming in C++, the file STRINGS.DOC is for you.

Registration of this product is $50. Registration will provide you with

The most recent copy of the library
"Wheaton Windows" A simple user interface for text mode
The parser, with source

copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton
1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801

voice phone: (406)543-7543
modem phone: (406)543-1144 (2400N81)
CompuServe: 72707,207
Internet: [email protected]

Visa and MC accepted

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Look for WPARSE.ZIP - Source Parser. This will break up your large .OBJ
files so that your executable programs are much smaller and faster.

Look for WW.ZIP - Wheaton Windows. A simple user interface for text mode.
Clean looking. Very powerful. Handles two video devices. Includes about
a dozen types of menus including menus for users to shift the order of
their selections or to make selections. There are numeric editing
functions that can give integers a fixed decimal place. There are string
editing functions that allow you to specify what keys are acceptable for
different parts of a mask. Scroll bar types allow for scrolling through
huge, sophisticated menus or through text files or reports. More! Fully
integrated with WLIB.

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