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Command Line Parser for DOS with C++ source.
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Command Line Parser for DOS with C++ source.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARTICLE.TXT 10850 4279 deflated
CMDL.CPP 8635 2525 deflated
CMDL.H 4557 1200 deflated
COMMON.CPP 3202 1256 deflated
FLAG.CPP 1040 418 deflated
HELP.CPP 2011 892 deflated
INT.CPP 1379 606 deflated
MAKEFILE 1215 611 deflated
OUTPUT.CPP 576 284 deflated
READ.ME 1546 773 deflated
REPORT.CPP 1776 738 deflated
SCANNER.CPP 2369 879 deflated
SCANNER.H 891 424 deflated
STRING.CPP 1009 447 deflated
TEST.CPP 804 404 deflated
TEST2.CPP 1175 556 deflated
TEST3.CPP 1286 564 deflated
USUAL.H 137 112 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Guide to Source Code

CMDL.CPP parsing and processing, constructors (of this base class)
and their helpers.

COMMON.CPP Common functions that derived classes will draw on.

FLAG.CPP Implementation of the cmdl_flag class.

HELP.CPP Implementation of cmdl_help class.

INT.CPP Implementatino of cmdl_int class

OUTPUT.CPP output functions used by the rest of the library.

REPORT.CPP reporting of names, errors, etc. High level output.

SCANNER.CPP The scanner class, used by the parser.

STRING.CPP Implementation of cmdl_string class.

TEST*.CPP Test code.

USUAL.H byte,bool typedefs.

CMDL.H include this to use the cmdl library

SCANNER.H used by the cmdl library, not included by code using cmdl.

To-do list

multi-field support (i.e. position=34,89 )
enum type
anonomous enums
arrow to error position (optional?)
use flags to parsit()
@ and % support
4dos support
x better help triggers
optional switchchars
debug check for no overlap
x superhelp (-?param)
file and open-file parameters
x `value' should be protected, not private
x set the value
special flags for "after this" parameters

Why is my list getting _longer_ not shorter??

Dlugosz Software maintains a BBS at 214-231-9930.
John Dlugosz can be reached on CompuServe at [70007,4657]
(CompuServe is a registered trademark of CompuServe Incorperated.)

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