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Borland C++ OWL example of a toolbar.
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Borland C++ OWL example of a toolbar.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APP.BMP 918 196 deflated
CHECKBX1.BMP 918 140 deflated
CHECKBX2.BMP 918 194 deflated
DIALOG.BMP 918 173 deflated
JTOOLS.CPP 7061 1890 deflated
JTOOLS.HPP 1699 747 deflated
POWERCD.TXT 5358 2078 deflated
README.TXT 2268 1056 deflated
TUTOR.CPP 7617 1912 deflated
TUTOR.DEF 119 89 deflated
TUTOR.DLG 4156 931 deflated
TUTOR.H 866 237 deflated
TUTOR.HPP 2572 721 deflated
TUTOR.ICO 766 272 deflated
TUTOR.MAK 901 442 deflated
TUTOR.RC 528 266 deflated
TUTOR.TXT 25 25 stored
WINDOW.BMP 918 140 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

This readme file describes how to build the PowerCode example program. This
version of the example program was generated for Borland C++/OWL. The example program
features a stand-alone tool bar module that you can incorporate into your
own applications.

PowerCode is a Windows application generator that specializes in generating
object-oriented Windows applications. PowerCode is extensible, allowing you
complete control over the source code generated. These features allow
PowerCode to generate much more than just the application framework. It can
be easily extended to generate support for database, multimedia, or other
class libraries. PowerCode includes full support for Borland C++/OWL, Turbo
Pascal for Windows, Microsoft C/C++ with MFC, and ANSI C. See the
POWERCD.TXT file for additional info about PowerCode.

The example program is from the PowerCode tutorial. It is a simple program
that illustrates the use of a tool bar. All files, with the exception of
the resource files(.bmp, .dlg, .ico), are unmodified files that were
generated with PowerCode. A resource editor is required for PowerCode.

The following files should be included in the zip file:

JTOOLS.CPP Tool Bar Class Member Functions
JTOOLS.HPP Tool Bar Class Definition
TUTOR.CPP Tutor Application Source File
TUTOR.HPP Tutor Class Definitions File
TUTOR.H Resource Constants
TUTOR.DEF Tutor Linker Definition File
TUTOR.RC Tutor Resource File
TUTOR.DLG Tutor Dialogs
APP.BMP Tool Bar Bitmap
CHECKBX1.BMP Tool Bar Bitmap
CHECKBX2.BMP Tool Bar Bitmap
DIALOG.BMP Tool Bar Bitmap
WINDOW.BMP Tool Bar Bitmap
TUTOR.ICO Tutor Icon
TUTOR.TXT Sample Text File
POWERCD.TXT Description of PowerCode - The Extensible Code Generator

To build the tutor example enter the following from the
DOS command line:

make -ftutor

The make file expects the Borland compiler to be installed in \BORLANDC. If
you installed into a different drive or directory, you will need to modify
the make file.

PowerCode costs only $395. Call today for your free demo.

J Systems, Inc.
4826 McAlpine Lane
Charlotte, NC 28212
Voice: (704) 535-0079
Fax: (704) 537-5694

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